Finishing the War of Life

Lots of little projects add up to one big one, and I finished off two units last night that mean everything, and I mean everything, for our campaign in the Realm of Life is now done and dusted, and is ready for play!

At least, until GW release the third campaign book (end of next week), and I am just betting there are more battles within the Realm of Life in that tome, especially given the title of the next Age of Sigmar novel from the Black Library (Wardens of the Everqueen)…

Anyway, for the first of the new units I went back to the Sylvaneth. I had not intended to add anything more to this little force (which was built using the Forest Spirit Host box set), but having something in-between Dryad and Treelord just seemed to work – so, I scored me some Treekin and got to work!


As any Wood Elf player knows, Treekin are quite expensive, and you can spend fruitless hours chasing them on eBay – which is exactly what I did. After many, many moons, I finally grabbed these four guys for not a huge amount of money and, added bonus, the original owner had done some funky conversion work that (I think) makes them look nicer and more fitting for the army.


Basically, he has used Dryad and Citadel Wood parts to enhance the original (Finecast) Treekin designs. And it just… works. Can’t argue with this conversion!


They were by no means essential to the campaign forces, but we have a massive mash up scheduled in Alarielle’s secret glade (not a euphemism), and it will be good to have the Sylvaneth present in force.


The other unit was a group of Liberators. Again, I was not desperate to add these guys but they were useful because a) the number of miniatures the Stormcasts are fighting seem to be steadily increasing and I was actually beginning to run out (!) and b) I had yet to put together Liberators armed with the Warblade/Shield combo. With these guys now done, I now have all the Stormcast unit variation with the exception of the Knight-Vexillor with banner – I will get around to him at some point, but there really is no rush!

With painting for the War of Life done (for now), it will be time to turn to the Realm of Metal and start the real work on the Tzeentch forces, including daemons (if you want to do it ‘properly’ you need a helluva lot of Tzeentch daemons for the final battle at the Crucible – and I am all about doing it properly in this campaign!).

However, while I have been putting together Horrors and Screamers (along with the odd Gorebeast Chariot), currently on my painting table are a couple of units of Skullcrushers, a Khorne Lord on a Juggernaut and a unit of soon-to-be Khorne Chaos Warriors – these are partly the flotsam of what I did not get around to finishing in my ‘Khorne phase’ but also necessary for a couple of one-off battles that take place in and around the main campaigns. Look out for some seriously cool battles very soon…


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