The Realmgate Wars Continue

The name Lady Atia will be no stranger to those of you who follow the latest rumours from GW – to those of you who do not know her, she is our mole, our agent, the woman with the goodies on all the latest releases 2-3 weeks before they appear.

If you have not already been there, visit her site right now and bookmark it!

Anyway, amidst tales of hairy Space Wolves (are they not all hairy?), we have the first solid news of the next hardback in the Realmgate Wars series…


Titled Balance of Power, this is going to be arriving just as we start our Quest for Ghal Maraz battles. So, we have some catching up to do, but at least it gives me a chance to start preparing the forces.

Thus, I scoured all the text on Lady Atia’s site, trying to glean exactly what models I should be looking at picking up, and desperately hoping that most of them can be covered by models I already have.

The first thing I noticed is that Torglug the Despised is going to be a thing, which is a little unfortunate as he got turned into a Chaos Spawn in our campaign (while defending the Rotfang against a Sylvaneth uprising). Still, Nurgle is known for his sense of humour, so perhaps he can come back.

Alarielle is about (good, painted her), and I have all the Stormcasts needed to wage pretty much any way, so I am good there too.

The Fyreslayers are going to be present (not painted yet, but I have a full force waiting to be done), as well as ‘Nagash’s scions’. Hmm… Now, you see, because of a Battleplan in the Bloodbound book, I did pick up a (cheap) Mannfred but it looks like Neferata is going to be active. Bum, have to get another Mortarch. And paint up those Skeletons I have been slowly accruing (there was no rush up to now, so I have been gradually picking up cheap lots of skellies on eBay, along with a handful of other Undead).

It seems Khorne is appearing big time in the Realm of Life, with Skarbrand at the head – great news, got Skarbrand done a while ago and have been eager to try him out!

The Sylvaneth are going to be a big factor – just in time to try my new Treekin out – the Seraphon are active (great, huge force of them ready to go), and the Celestant-Prime will be taking part (done him too).

Reading on, Skaven are going to be taking part… Got a small force of them done over Christmas, but they need a fair bit of reinforcement. However, I need a force of them for Ghal Maraz, so hopefully that should take care of most of what I will be needing.

And Archaon arrives. Hmm, okay. Got the model, will now have to paint it!

So, plan of action for Balance of Power:

Fyreslayers: Hopefully won’t need too many, got a nice little Lodge planned, not too much of a hassle.
Undead: Going to have to get my act together on these guys but, Mannfred and Neferata aside, they won’t cause too many issues to paint. Just hope that Nagash does not make an appearance as I really did not want to tackle that model anytime soon (still recovering from doing the Glottkin!).
Skaven: Going to be doing these anyway for the Ghal Maraz battles, so hopefully just a few additions here and there will see them right.
Archaon: Yeah, well, this was kind of inevitable, I guess. Was hoping to put him off for a while as the time it takes to do him is going to be equal to doing 50 or even 100 other models. Still, will be impressive.

All of this, of course, is alongside my grand plans of a (small) Ogor force and my tribe of Aleguzzler Gargants (got to love a bunch of drunk giants staggering across the battlefield!), plus the odd treat from Forge World. And I still want to do four Chaos Warshrines, one for each God…

Yeah, I think my painting time for the next 12 months is pretty much set!



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