A Brass Stampede

I have had these models on the ‘to do’ list for quite some time now, stretching back almost as far as the (re-)release of all the Khorne models last summer. However, this weekend I finally got them done, and the Bloodbound now has a decent unit of Skullcrushers, led by a Lord on a Juggernaut!


The hesitation on these was due to two reasons – first, we had completed the first bout of campaign games in the Realm of Fire (where the Bloodbound are dominant) and second, while the Khorne Lord had been put together almost as soon as I had picked him up, I was fairly dreading the construction of the Skullcrushers. I had got it into my head that six of them would be a bit of a mare.


As it turned out, they were fairly quick to do!


While I had already done a unit of Bloodcrushers, I wanted a different paint scheme for these Juggernauts to start reflecting the variety of daemons (#JuggernautLivesMatter). I debated about dark reds and blacks highlighted with reds, but in the end went with a solid metallic approach.


My aim was to do a sort of two-tone gold, as one Juggernaut appeared in one of the Realmgate Wars books. To this end, I used Warplock Bronze as the main base and Gehenna Gold as the base on the the lining and sigils. I was concerned that using Agrax to shade and Runefang to highlight would homogenise the two golds a bit – and I was right! Still, you can sort of see the difference on the models, though these photos do not really show it. If I were to do it over, I might use Griffon Gold to highlight the Gehenna instead of Runefang…


I wanted the Lord to stand out from his lackeys, and thus went for a black Juggernaut – very easy to paint, and the Lord himself was not much more work. I went for the same Khorne Red base used on the Skullcrushers, which in itself is the same I used on all armoured Khorne guys, stretching right back to the Blood Warriors I did from the starter set. Nice to see that these guys are a little better painted, so I have improved at least a little since then!


I also popped these guys in, a unit of Chaos Warriors dedicated to Khorne and armed with dual weapons. This is the kind of unit that I really don’t ‘need’ but they were simple and quick enough to do (think fantasy version of Space Marines in terms of time and detail), and were part of the 100-odd I had mistakenly picked up on eBay a whiles back. I had already planned on doing them alongside the Skullcrushers, and they have been waiting patiently for a goof few months now.

This little lot really does complete everything for Khorne that I am planning to do in the near future (well, unless I manage to find a cheap lot of Flesh Hounds on eBay…), just in time for a couple of brief returns to the Realm of Fire for some ‘out of arc’ campaign battles.

On my painting table now are a unit of Saurus Guard (with Eternity Guard), which will fill an obvious gap among my Seraphon, and 20 Pink Horrors. The latter are for the Realm of Metal campaign and, after one more unit of Seraphon (Saurus Knights), my painting is going to be all about Tzeentch and Skaven for a while, as I round off the models needed for the Quest for Ghal Maraz scenarios.

Then, I think, it will be time to look at the upcoming battles in the Power of Balance book coming out later this week. Got a feeling that forces of Death are going to be a thing…


One Response to “A Brass Stampede”

  1. imperialrebelork Says:

    Brilliant. I’ve got to get myself some of these.

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