New Table for the Realms

You know how every once in a while you spy something on the Internet and think ‘one day, that will be mine, oh yes…,’?

Well, I caught site of one of these marvellous gaming mats from Gamemat.EU, and I knew I just had to get one. And, this morning, it turned up!


They call this one Kingdom of Heaven, and it will work very well for battles in the Realm of Azyr though, frankly, also interior fortress or hall would suit it very well too.

It is made of very tough rubber (it will stand up to plenty of knocks and will wipe clean any spillages – you are going to have to take a knife to this thing to damage it), and has a non-slip backing so your models won’t go shooting off even on a smooth table.


It comes with this zippered carryall – and these mats can be yours for a mere £60-odd at the moment, including shipping from Europe. How can you go wrong?


They have a dozen designs already, including some perfect for the Realm of Fire, while others will be more suited to 40k.

This gets a serious recommendation from me…


3 Responses to “New Table for the Realms”

  1. Jarrett Lee Says:

    That looks really cool! How long did the order take to arrive from EU?

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