Daemons and Angels (sort of)

While we are ploughing through the battles in the War of Life right now, I am doing the prep work needed for the fights in Chamon, the Realm of Metal – and that means plenty of Tzeentch!

I am actually doing fairly well on mortal followers (need to get some Gorebeast Chariots sorted), but have been woefully lacking in daemons – until this weekend, when I got a nice block of Pink Horrors done.


In theory, I could use more of these, as the Time of War sheet for the Crucible allows Tzeentch daemons to pop up every turn (going to be a nightmare to fight against!), but there are limits, I think. After all, in theory, the Sylvaneth can have 120 Dryads pop up out of nowhere in the Rotwater Blight, but I ain’t painting all those up! So, I will stick to 20 Horrors for now, and have a ponder about adding more at a later date – it is not as if I don’t already have Flamers and Screamers waiting to be done for the campaign…


As with many lesser daemons, the Pink Horrors follow a very simple and fast scheme (only the Slaaneshi Daemonettes seem to break the mould yet, though I have yet to tackle any – they may end up being easier to do than I think). They start with Screamer Pink, get a Carroburg Crimson wash, and then have drybrushes of Pink Horror and Emperor’s Children. After that (and drying time tales longer than actually painting them to this stage) it is just a case of horns, tongue, gold and flames.


For the flames, I went a different route than with the various Khorne models (such as Valkia), taking a leaf from the Fyreslayer painting guide in a recent White Dwarf. However, I did not have the Fuegan Orange for a wash, so used Trollslayer Orange as a highlight instead, which was predictably a little too heavy. Got some Fuegan now though, so fire on future models will be a bit more subtle.


Though not needed for the campaign, I lumped this old Daemon Prince into the batch as I figured he could be done while other stuff dried. Not overly fond of this model as it is an older metal one and it was already painted, which eroded a tad of detail. However, it was also cheap (eBay) and having him now means I am set for a Tzeentch force if/when we do a Path to Glory campaign.


I seem to be still stuck doing Seraphon, even though they only really pop up in the campaign in Balance of Power (and we are still on Quest for Ghal Maraz). However, I was quite happy to add a decent unit of Saurus Guard to the force, led by an Eternity Warden – just the ticket for defending a Slann Starmaster.


For these guys, I went with a darker shade than the Saurus Warriors, making them more akin to Kroxigors – a Kantor Blue base for the skin and Abaddon Black for the scales.


Everything else is pretty much the same as the rest of the Seraphon, down to the gold and the purple shields.


The Eternity Warden followed exactly the same scheme as the Guard he leads, though he is bigger and has a lot more gold and bone work.


Despite that, I did not find him any more difficult or time-consuming to paint, and it works out well if you do him at the same time as the main unit (guarantees you get the colours to match as well).

So, am I now finished with Seraphon? Well, no. I still have the Saurus Knights to add – on the plus side, they are the last ‘main’ unit to be done, though in the negative column I (for some reason) decided to do three units of 6, plus a Scar-Veteran to lead them. Makes for a nice Battalion, but that is a lot of lizards to paint! However, this weekend I managed to do all the base colours and shading on the actual Cold Ones, and I figure I can get this unit mostly finished this week.

That would have been it for the Seraphon, but a Troglodon arrived in the post this morning – ahhhh! Well, it was cheap on eBay… I think I will put this model to one side for now, as it is really not needed any time soon, and concentrate on Skaven for a bit. Aim for this week: Build a Doomwheel and six Stromfiends (maybe some Stormvermin too, if they arrive), for painting this coming weekend. That will give me everything I need, rat-wise, for the Realm of Metal campaign.


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