Knights from Azyr

I have said in the past that I had ‘finished’ the Seraphon – well this time, I mean it! Well, sort of…

This is certainly the last of the ‘big block’ units I am intending to do for the angelic lizards – a bunch of Saurus Knights.


I really only needed one five-lizard unit of these guys, but things went a bit silly on eBay, and I ended up with three units of six, led by a Scar-Veteran – enough for a complete Firelance Starhost battalion. Not the original intent, but it has worked out well.


For variety, I did two units of spear-wielders and one with clubs though if you were ‘competitive’ (whatever that means in Age of Sigmar), you would probably go all spear to take full advantage of the battalion rules (they dish out a serious amount of mortal wounds on the charge).


For the Cold Ones, I used exactly the same paint scheme as the larger Seraphon beasts, as you can never go wrong with purple dinosaurs.


The Knights themselves were done in exactly the same way as Saurus Warriors, right down to the red warpaint on their backs. These guys have noticeably more feathers than the average warrior though.


To lead them, I didn’t fancy doing another Carnosaur (it is a bit mono-pose, and I already have an Oldblood on one), so was quite happy to do a ‘lesser’ hero on a Cold One too. It just seems to fit in better with the rest of the mob.


Again, this model has a fair bit of detail to him, and I especially like the dead rats on his back – very suitable as I am just moving onto Skaven now!

This will be the last of the Seraphon that gets done for a while. I do have a Skink Priest on a Troglodon, the result of a very cheap auction on eBay (could not resist!), but I am in absolutely no rush to get to him. I do also have a Salamander or two, and they will likely get slipped in among other models, as they are so quick and easy to do, and I am always on the look out for more Razordons.

But, other than that… the Seraphon are done! I don’t have a grand army pic of them just yet, but this is the extent of them in the cabinet…



I’ll get some better army pics when they are deployed in anger during the Realmgate Wars campaign…

The next projects are all about Skaven and Tzeentch daemons (with the odd mortal follower thrown in), along with the last foreseeable expansion of the Chaos Dreadhold, all needed to complete the Quest for Ghal-Maraz campaign book!



4 Responses to “Knights from Azyr”

  1. StealthKnightSteg Says:

    Looking great there! But what about adding ripperdactyls?

    • altsain Says:

      Yeah, trying to ignore them šŸ™‚ I should also do another three Terrordons to bulk up the unit a bit, but the Seraphon were never supposed to be a ‘main’ army!

      • StealthKnightSteg Says:

        I am following your campaign with great interest (after seeing your link on warseer) and now started my own story as well like you are doing, just I’m going with the flow of the battles I encounter instead of a pre-planned thing.

  2. altsain Says:

    That is a perfectly good way of doing it – probably a better way than me, but there is a degree of laziness on my side!

    Just popped over to your blog – keep up the good work!

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