New Table for Chamon

Frankly, my genius knows no bounds.

We have had a couple of games in Chamon, the Realm of Metal, but I was never happy with the table we were using – basically, we had just reversed an existing mat, and it was a bit rank. I had been looking at various gaming mat manufacturers, but no one has yet done something suitable for the Realm of Metal.

Enter my genius.


I popped down the local flooring company, just a few doors down from the office, and selected a suitable vinyl floor covering. Got them to cut it to size (got a few odd questions about having a very small room) and next day, it was ready!


They actually have a huge choice there and, though you cannot see it in these photos, this mat has a kind of quartzy shine to it (little flecks that reflect), which I thought suitable for Chamon.


There is actually a huge array of choice, but I went for a light blue, as I felt that was a little more ‘fantastic’ than dull greys. But I could just as easily have had green, red, yellow, or anything else, all with a slight metallic feel to them.

Total cost? £49, with trimming (and they would have delivered it for free too, but I really am just a few doors up).

Now I think we are finally ready to complete the Quest for Ghal Maraz!


One Response to “New Table for Chamon”

  1. Zaramuskharaz Says:

    That is quite an interesting idea! I had been planning on making a Mirrodin-like landscape for the Realm of Chamon. Golden plains, since the Wind of Chamon had always recalled me of Balthasar Gelt’s mask… Great work! Awaiting eagerly for a battle report in this landscape!

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