Clan Snikkit Swells – and Gets a New Boss

I haven’t managed to get a huge amount of painting done recently, but I did manage to polish off these models, all for the small but growing Skaven force.


This is a model that has been sitting in the ‘to do’ pile for a long, long time – a Skaven Warlord on Brood Horror. No plans for it to appear in the Realmgate Wars campaign as yet, but it was just too cool not to do, and I figured while I was doing other rats I could just quickly slip it in.


It uses pretty much the same colour schemes as all the other non-Pestilens Skaven I have done so far, and so was relatively quick to do. It also gives me the option to ‘upgrade’ my Warlord in a campaign if he starts doing really well in his battles.


I did have a fanciful idea that all separate clans of Skaven should be getting their own colour schemes, especially as there is more distance between them in Age of Sigmar now – but I figured that way lay madness.


Even the two Clan Eshin Assassins I did draw from the root scheme, dropping the (Wazdakka) Red but retaining the Skavenblight Dirge grey for their clothing under the black cloaks.

While I have no immediate plans, I really like the idea of an all Clan Eshin force, so watch this space!


Of course, Skaven are diminished without some decent Clan Skryre support, which arrived this weekend in the form of three more weapons teams – a Warp Grinder, Poison Wind Mortar and Ratling Gun. All ready to do as much damage to their crews as to the enemy!


Finally, some Poison Wind Globadiers, or Skryre Acolytes as they are known now. I was wondering how to do the globes, and started off by using the same colours as for the warp stone on, for example, the Warp Grinder, but then had a brain wave. Over that, I used an old pot of ‘Ard Coat, which I have never used before in my life. However, it gave just the effect I was looking for; swirling warpstone-based gas inside a glass globe!

I need to polish off some more rats before they are ready for their entry into the Realmgate Wars (which will be in three weeks or so, given the way we are getting through games at the moment). So, on my painting desk right now I have a Doomwheel, 20 Stormvermin and 6 Stormfiends!


3 Responses to “Clan Snikkit Swells – and Gets a New Boss”

  1. gameoftravel Says:

    Brood Horror! my favourite model! and whole army looks great:)

  2. Stonemonk Says:

    Really cool. I have a brood horror planned for April. Hopefully forgeworld will have rules out for these too soon.

  3. imperialrebelork Says:

    Brood Horror is awesome.

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