The Elite of Rats

I have had all sorts of things going on lately so getting the motivation to paint has been difficult – the little group of miniatures here were supposed to be finished last weekend, which would have meant I was going to finish off my Tzeentch forces this week…

Well, it so hasn’t gone that way. Managed to get these guys done, but only by avoiding the Stormfiends that are currently still sitting on the painting table with just a base coat or two.

Still, painting is supposed to be relaxing, so a good bit of advice is, if you ain’t enjoying it, go away and do something else. The miniatures will still be there for you when you come back!


First up, a major unit that I think will see a lot of use with Skaven forces in the Realmgate Wars campaign – twenty rock hard Stormvermin!


I really like the poses on some of these rats, especially the leader. For the colour scheme, I went with pretty much the same as the Clanrats, but made the red just a tad brighter – I figured these Skaven have slightly newer and better armour and cloth.


As the Clans Verminus contributed the Stormvermin to the cause, the Clans Skryre added a Dooomwheel.


This is the sort of model that looks a tad tricky, but is actually really easy and quick to do.


No real tricks to this model, everything uses paint schemes from previous Skaven units, right down to the wooden wheels being done the same way as Clanrat shields (Dryad Bark, Agrax, then drybrushed Karak Stone).


As I said above, I really need to get those six Stormfiends sorted – that will mark the ‘end’ for my little Skaven force, at least as far as the Realmgate Wars campaign stands at this time.

Next up will be polishing of the Tzeentch worshippers with a Gorebeast Chariot, the Changeling, some Flamers and a Skull Keep – that will complete everything we need to do the rest of the Battleplans in the Quest for Ghal Maraz book, and then I can get onto the Fyreslayers!


2 Responses to “The Elite of Rats”

  1. Circus of Paint Says:

    I know what you mean, I too have had a load of Skaven awaiting paint.

    I’m hoping the upcoming release of the Clan Pestilens book will help me get back into all things ratty.

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