Consider Badab

It all started with an idea…

There are two guys in our little gaming group (let’s call them Andy and James, for those are their names) who have… let’s say… a problem with painted models. As in, actually getting them painted.

They have learned to deal with this in a variety of ways. James, over the past year, has painted up almost a whole regiment for his Wood Elves, and otherwise uses my models for our Age of Sigmar games.

Andy’s solution is a lot easier – he clicks on painted armies on eBay.

So, I threw down a little challenge while we were at the Trials of the Everchosen event last weekend; if they got the required miniatures together, I would show them how to paint a 1,500 point Space Marine army over a single weekend. This dove-tailed nicely with my our intentions, as I had just sold my Dark Angels force (it was painted in my ‘old style’, so had to go…) and was intending to do another. Over a single weekend, all three of us would have new, fully painted Space Marine armies.

Then I got thinking (which is normally where things get complicated)…

Three Space Marine armies may not be the most interesting thing in the world, in terms of actually playing games. However, there just happens to be a Space Marine civil war in the history of 40k.

Enter the Badab War.


Andy had become fixated on doing the Salamanders (he has a thing about fire – thinks it is pretty), and it just so happened they were participants in the war. James was more problematic – he had an Ultramarines fixation but, as it turned out, seemed quite amenable to the idea of the war.

I had been planning to do a (third) Dark Angels force, but was quite happy to switch to do this campaign – perhaps starting off with the Mantis Warriors before moving onto the full Tyrant’s Legion.

So, those would be the forces. On to the actual gaming…

I have this fantasy that I can convince both Andy and James to only field painted models – this might be achievable (ha!) through the odd dedicated painting day and cracking of the whip, but would also mean I might be tempted myself to do some proper campaign-centric terrain, which could be rather cool.

We are starting with small (1,500 point) forces, but the Imperial Armour books that detail the war cover the campaign in five phases, starting with the initial clashes and ending with a massive fight outside the Tyrant’s Palace. As for how we get there…

Well, I am thinking a mixture of ‘standard’ 40k, some boarding actions using Space Hulk floor sections, and the odd no-points Age of Sigmar-style scenario. If we put no real timescale on the completion of the campaign, perhaps we can lump in the occasional Battlefleet Gothic game, and maybe even Epic (it looks like both games are coming back, so no crazy eBay prices…).

I have absolutely no idea of when any of this will happen, but James already has a sizeable fraction of a chapter bought and built, just not painted, and Andy has just asked me to order in the Demi-Company box set… so, it might be fairly soon!

I better start thinking about getting my own Marines together and reading up on the Badab War books…



3 Responses to “Consider Badab”

  1. ulfast212 Says:

    Badab is a great seting and I love the bakcground for that campaign. Several intersting and fun chapters to paint. Shall be fun to follow you on this project too.

  2. Andrew McMillan Says:

    Salamander’s will rule……..well perhaps not with my dice rolling 🙂

  3. Cyph Says:

    Reading this blog is dangerous to my wallet. Seriously, I read this post and that same day went “Oh yeah, forgot about that war” and ordered IA 9 and 10… Will be fun.

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