Chaos Dreadhold Complete(ish)

This week, I finally finished off a couple more walls sections and another Skull Keep, the latter being the last thing I needed to do all the final battles in the Realm of Metal campaign. And, it turns out, I have quite a large Dreadhold now!


This is a total of 8 wall sections, a Malefic Gate, an Overlord Bastion and 2 Skull Keeps. Here they are in Magebane Wall format, with the Skull Keeps and Bastion suitably beefing up the defences.


Takes up about a third of a table in all, and looks appropriately forbidding!


Especially for those approaching the wall..


However, long walls are all very well – what we really want to see is a proper castle, eh? The Skull Keeps slot in well between wall sections, and the Bastion makes for a good central keep.


I honestly don’t know how many skulls are in this photo…


So, what is next?

Well, I think I am pretty much Skull Keep’d out! Wall sections are relatively quick and easy to do but while there is nothing particularly hard about doing a Skull Keep, there is a lot of surface area, and it is a fair time sink. I think I have also got over the ‘wow, this will be awesome when it is done!’ thing.


Plus, I now have, you know, a whole castle. So it is difficult to justify more and I am really not interested in the OTT seven Skull Keep in a complete round fortress that has been promoted with the ultimate. I am not a greedy man, I’ll just stick with my little fort.


All that said, I do have one Malefic Gate sitting in its box behind my desk. I am in no rush to complete it, but the gate and its two extra walls will give me enough pieces to do two pint-sized fortresses, which will allow me to play…


This Battleplan, which is something I have had my eye on ever since Battletome: Chaos Dreadholds came out.

Two fortresses separated by a Realmgate, so you are fighting across two Realms. That is going to be a fun day of gaming!



2 Responses to “Chaos Dreadhold Complete(ish)”

  1. imperialrebelork Says:

    Awesome!! I’m guessing it wasn’t cheap but it looks amazing.

  2. Stewart Burnett Says:

    Heard reference to a great blogger being on Heelan Hammer soon – hope that’s you! I keep wavering on whether to get a Malefic Gate or not.

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