Badass Beastman

I have a list of models that ‘must’ be done, due these days mainly to their inclusion in the Realmgate Wars campaign for Age of Sigmar (and the Badab War for 40k looks like it is going to get added to that list). However, every now and again, a simple, single model or unit comes along and I think ‘yeah, that can be slipped quickly in alongside everything else’.

That happened with the Doombull.


Now, while I am aware there are many people who hold the belief that you can never have enough Beastmen, I would not be one of them. I painted up a bunch of units for the Realmgate Wars campaign, and I am not really looking to do any more. Could use some Ungor Raiders, perhaps a Tuskgor Chariot, but nothing is a priority and I am quite happy with my little beastie force as it stands.


However, the Doombull is quite a funky model (take a look at the size of that axe!) and while it retails for a fairly murderous price at GW, I managed to snaggle this one for less than a tenner on eBay. I figured he would be very quick to paint (same scheme as the rest of my Beastmen), so I popped him in alongside my Stormfiends (which you should see next week, everything going well).


And he really is quick to paint – despite the large surface area, at least 80% is either skin or metal, so this is a rapid model to get through (at my level of talent, anyway – people who can actually paint may take longer…).

No plans for him to pop up in the Realmgate Wars as yet, but he is ready, eager and willing (and hungry!) for when his turn comes!


2 Responses to “Badass Beastman”

  1. Neddo Simonti Says:

    what is the size of the round base? I would like to use 60mm but it could be too big. The original size was 40x40mm then I suppous the better choise should be 50mm :\

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