The Stormfiends Come Stormin’

I’ve had a bit of a slow down on the painting side of late. Part of that has been down to a little illness (sniffles), but also down to models that I thought might only take a week to do, but ended up getting stretched out to two or three weeks.


Enter the Stormfiends!

These guys were a pain to put together, and a bigger pain to paint. I had originally planned to do them alongside the Doomwheel and Stormvermin, as I figured they shared broadly the same paint scheme. Which is true.

However, the Stormfiends are way more ‘fiddly’, from their construction to all the little details plastered all over the models. And you want to take your time and make a decent job of them, as they are really nice models. Just marred by the knowledge of how much hassle I went through ti get them done.

I am so not doing more of these!


I picked up two box sets, which allowed me to cover all weapon options – three of them become the heavy fire support unit…


… while the others become the close combat/tunnelling unit.

A word about the poseability of these models – there really isn’t any. I think you may have a choice of the odd head here and there, but those poses are completely fixed, which would be another reason not to go for a third unit. You want another Wargrinder Stormfiend, he is going to look exactly like the chap above…


So, why would you go through all that pain just to have some really big rats on your table? Well, they look awesome. Second, they have some seriously nasty rules (honestly, once you get beyond Clanrats, Skaven are seriously born-again-hard in Age of Sigmar, with Rend -2 and multi-damage all over the place).


Their technology has also been refined to the extent where it actually works – the Ratling Gun-armed Stormfiend, for example, won’t be going out of control as he chugs out massive amounts of fire.


And with 6 or 7 Wounds, depending on how they have been tooled up (not that you get many options, remember), they are going to stick around a far bit.

Oh, quick note on this one: I used the same gloss varnish trick on the globes he fires as I did with the Globadiers and Poison Wind Mortar I did earlier, tying everything together.


Just about everything else on these models uses the same colour scheme as my other rats, which are all based on the Clanrat painting guide on Warhammer TV (a quick search on Youtube will turn that up for you). I just use a lighter grey for their cloth rather than black.


The Warpstone is the only real addition, and I used the same system for that as I did with the Plagueclaw Catapult: Caliban Green base, then drybrush through Warpstone Glow, Moot Green and finally Ceramite White, before dropping a Waywatcher Green glaze over the whole lot.



They go into action for the first time this Friday, trying to push the Stormcasts off a Dragonfate Dais. I had originally intended to scale back the Stormcast forces because, well, they were only fighting Skaven!

However, after seeing what the Stormfiends can do, never mind the Doomwheel, Jezzails (nasty!) and the Warlord/Stormvermin combo (vicious!), umm… No. Just… no. The Stormcasts are going to have to go in loaded for bear if they just want to survive, never mind actually accomplishing their mission objectives.

Anyway, very glad these Stormfiends are done, very happy they are in the growing Skaven army, but no way am I going to be doing more of them!

On the painting table at the moment are the final Tzeentch-based models needed to complete the Quest for Ghal Maraz portion of the campaign, and I took some time out doing the base coats on a fairly large Fyreslayer force this weekend – so it looks they will be done next!


5 Responses to “The Stormfiends Come Stormin’”

  1. Stewart Burnett Says:

    Can I ask what size rounds you used? Been wanting to pick these up but also not a big fan of fiddly models.

  2. javi Says:

    great job
    what is the size of the base?

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