Of Skinks and Salamanders

Just a quickie post, to showcase some new additions to the Seraphon…


While I announced a while ago that the Seraphon had been ‘finished’ and that I was ‘done’ with them… we all know that an army is never really complete. There is always something else you can add, right?

However, the Seraphon, having quite a sizeable force already, are no longer any sort of priority. However, I do have the technique for painting them down to a T, which means it is really no effort to do the odd model here and there.

My Seraphon had been lacking in Salamanders, but I had managed to filch one off eBay some time ago. A couple of weeks ago, I managed to snag another and, figuring I could do two about as quick as one, I lumped these guys in alongside the recent Skaven I have been working on – I sometimes do this, havingĀ small units of simple models on the side as I work on a ‘main’ project. They provide a nice distraction/break and it means you get more models done overall!


As I said, I have this technique for Seraphon down now, I could probably do it while nodding. I went with the purple ‘big dinosaur’ colours with the Salamanders, to separate them from the Skinks/Saurus, and tie them in with the likes of the Carnosaur.

The only thing I really have left for the Seraphon is a Troglodon. I am really not in any rush to do him… but it does occur to me that he could be quite quick to do. Perhaps something else I can do alongside other models?


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