We had a long (four day) weekend in the UK, and (despite coming into work on Friday – pity me) I took the opportunity to polish off an almost complete new army…

Enter the Fyreslayers!


I have a couple of Magmadroths built and undercoated, but I am in no great rush to get them done. This weekend was all about getting the infantry polished off. That came to 36 models in all – four units, and six characters.


When the Fyreslayers came out, I picked up two each of the infantry box sets, allowing me to cover pretty much all the variations possible, as well as all the characters.

Painting-wise, I pretty much followed the painting guide in the various White Dwarfs released at the time, with one big, obvious difference…


Someone on the Dakka forums (I am sorry, but I forget who) suggested a while back that the Fyreslayers could have dark skin. That idea went right up my flag pole and got saluted. I thought the contrast between dark skin and orange hair/beards would work superbly – and I think it did!


For the skin, I used the same guide White Dwarf released for their original Exalted Deathbringer, while the hair went with the suggestions they made for the Fyreslayers proper – and, incidentally, I have had some issues with GW’s Dry range of paints in the past but, this time round, the Kindleflame dry paint is what really set the hair off for me. Don’t miss that step, it makes all the difference.


After the skin, metal and hair, it was really just a case of doing the gold (using Retributor Gold as a base for extra shininess) and, overall, these models were very quick to do – the entire army took perhaps a day and a half, and very slow-paced ones at that  (painting has been interspersed with World of Tanks as I am ‘this’ close to getting the German Maus!).


Three of the characters came from the Magmadroth sets, and it is quite cool that you can make perhaps two extra foot models from that kit. I started with the Forgefather and his really impractical looking key/axe (looks cool though).


I also needed a Runeson, as I was not going to be putting one on the back of a Magmadroth (at least, not yet).


Then a Runesmiter. This is quite a static model, but I do like the detail around his helmet and beard, as well as the pipe he is smoking!

Incidentally, following White Dwarf again, I have completely changed the way I do fire, not just on Fyreslayers but all models (as you will see later this week).

I now start with a Ceramite White base (which is the most time-consuming aspect, and really not much of a bear to live with), and then use a succession of ewashes, working gradually towards the tip of the flames – Cassandora Yellow, Fuegan Orange and Carroburg Crimson. The finishing touch is, of all things, Nuln Oil. Sounds weird to use black on fire, I know, but it really sets it off.


Onto the clampack Heroes, I did a Battlesmith, who is probably my least favourite model though that is more down to my own painting than the sculpting.


The Auric Runemaster turned out much better, his brazier and revealed face lending a lot of character.


Finally, the Grimwrath Berzerker who, I think, will be getting a lot of time on the battlefield!

So, there you go, a complete ready-to-go Fyreslayer force done in a weekend! I have the two Magmadroths to go, but I want to get some other bits and pieces done first for the Realmgate Wars campaign. I also haven’t yet settled on the colour scheme for them.

What will be next for this force? Well, maybe nothing!

It would be very quick and easy to add another unit here and there (individually, these guys are quite quick to do), but I do not feel compelled to do so right now – if this was Fantasy Battle, I would naturally be looking at pumping up the core units and adding more Hearthguard with Magmapikes, but the joy of Age of Sigmar is that you really don’t need to do any models unless you really want to. So, another unit or two may get added in the future but, for now, I am content with my little force of Fyreslayers and am looking forward to tackling something else!


6 Responses to “Fyreslayers”

  1. Ben Curry Says:

    These look great! No-one is playing Fyreslayer locally so I’m still yet to face them

  2. Tom bridges Says:

    Wow. Just wow. One weekend! That’s incredible.

  3. ulfast212 Says:

    Really good models. I like your chose of colours of the skin. Awsome idea 🙂

  4. Brad Says:

    I thought I had an original idea with the darker skin but between you and Dave from Garagehammer I’m starting to reconsider. They look so awesome that I might just plot on ahead, I love the effort you’re putting in to keeping this side updated.

  5. StealthKnightSteg Says:

    I like the concept of the darker skin, but these are bit to dark for my taste and it shows with the faces, or the highlighting is off (or the pictures do it no justice) as you say you did the skin like the Exalted Deathbringer so I did my Khorne Bloodsecrator and I think he looks brighter (as shown here: https://wargamingbysks.wordpress.com/2016/01/17/skullfiend-tribes-bloodsecrator-finished/ )

  6. Marc Says:

    yes dark and they look a lot better and less like naturists somehow. Like the ‘grey’ option I’ve seen elsewhere too.

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