Behold the Hordes of Tzeentch

As we thunder towards the climactic end of the Quest for Ghal Maraz, I am just putting the finishing touches to the Tzeentch forces that will be needed – especially for the Daemongale rules in the Time of War sheet that the last Battleplan will be using (not entirely sure the Stormcasts can win that one!


These are mainly a mixture of daemon types, though one Mortal follower of Tzeentch was necessary…


This will be King Thrond. As Lord Maerac (and his Manticore) met a rather sticky end at the hands of a unit of Protectors, the mortal Tzeentch followers need a new leader and, riding on the back of his Gorebeast Chariot, King Thrond should do just the trick.


Flamers of Tzeentch followed, though from experience I know these guys should be used in moderation – a unit of ten can nuke just about anything that gets put on the table.

I used my new method of painting fire (using washes, covered in the Fyreslayers post yesterday) on these daemons, making them very quick and easy to do.


Even daemons need some direction, and this Herald on a Disc will do just the trick.


The Changeling was thrown in too, as it is possible he can be randomly generated on the Daemongale table. I stuck to a nice easy paint job on this one – I took one look at the glyphs the model has on the GW site and just thought ‘nope!’

There are very definite limits to my talent after all.


Finally, my first Everchosen model, the Gaunt Summoner!

Now, this guy has nothing to do with the battles for Ghal Maraz, but he is a Tzeentch follower so I lumped him in with other Tzeentch models for speed. This is a model that can use a serious amount of more talent than I possess, making mine merely ‘agreeable’ in quality.

Still, aiming to have fun with him nonetheless!

On the painting table right now is a Burning Chariot, Herald of Tzeentch on foot, the Blue Scribes and a Slaughterbrute (the latter needed for a battle in Balance of Power, so I have started the prep work for the next part of the campaign!). I might add a couple of Magmadroths to that as well, just to ‘finish’ off my Fyreslayers.

After that, I’ll have to have a look around and see what the next big project should be…


3 Responses to “Behold the Hordes of Tzeentch”

  1. imperialrebelork Says:

    That chariot is awesome. Do you use any washes over the models? If so, how do you then make them look matt?

    • altsain Says:

      There is no great secret to the metallic blue – really šŸ™‚ Start with a base of Ironbreaker, then do two washes of Guillman Blue. Seriously, that is all that is needed – just slop the blue on with a big brush, and that is the effect you get šŸ™‚

  2. Zeuso Says:

    Your Gaunt Summoner looks fantastic. Love the blending on his robes. Keep up the great work, your blog is my daily fix at work šŸ™‚

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