More for Tzeentch

Just a quickie… I managed to finish off a handful more models for the Tzeentch hordes that are appearing in the latter part of the Quest for Ghal Maraz.


A Burning Chariot, a Herald on foot on the Blue Scribes!


The Burning Chariot is obviously the one that draws the eye, due in no small part to its size. However, it was very easy to paint, starting with the disc itself being two-tone gold/brass, then the Exalted Flamer, Blue Horrors and Screamers all following the same highlighted blue that the earlier Screamers and Flamers used. Top everything off with flames!

There is obviously a lot of fire here, and it showcases well my new method of painting fire (start with a white base, then add Cassandora Yellow, Fuegan Orange, Carroburg Crimson and a dash of Nuln oil, working towards the tips of the flames each time).


I had already built a Herald on Disc and though the kit comes with plenty of options, this guy is carrying the same book and blade – not planned, this particular model just came pre-built from eBay after I had built the Herald on the disc. Ah, well.

Still, aside from the disc itself, I further differentiated the two by having a blue Screamer-coloured head on this one.


Finally, the Blue Scribes. This is a great example of what Age of Sigmar can do, as I would never have done this model under the old Fantasy Battle regime (I would never have done Tzeentch, full stop!). The odd model like this is fun to do, and makes a nice break from legions of very similar models.

As for painting, there are lots of ‘bits’ on this model, but they are all fairly easy and, if you take them one-by-one, the Blue Scribes do not take long to do. Books and Blue Horrors, which form the majority of the model, all follow the same schemes as previous Tzeentch models, but I added gloss varnish (‘Ard Coat) to the spilt ink near the front, to give it a proper liquid feel.


3 Responses to “More for Tzeentch”

  1. Circus of Paint Says:

    That’s great stuff – I’ve got a Herald of Tzeentch or two in the bitz box and I’ve had my eye on the Blue Scribes for a while now!

    Was the Scribe’s resin cast any good?

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