Not going to get much in the way of painting done this week (working late every night, it looks like), but still reaping the benefits of a productive weekend – managed to get the base done on this one in the evening.

Behold the Slaughterbrute!


I always thought this was one of the models that stayed in the background in the Chaos range – you don’t really see a great many of them on the tabletop, and both the Slaughterbrute and its cousin the Mutalith tend to be… forgotten, I suppose.

However, one popped up in the Wardens of the Everqueen storyline, which meant I needed to grab one for our ongoing campaign!


As for painting, a piece of cake really. Started off with an all-over Mephiston Red base, shaded with Nuln Oil (going for the extreme works on models like this, rather than wimping out with Reikland Fleshshade or Agrax), then progressively drybrushed through Mephiston and up to Wazdakka Red.

At this point, it does a rather good impression of a lobster!

After that, the belly followed, starting with a base of Rakarth and washed (twice in the cracks) with Reikland Fleshshade. Highlights are built up with Ushabti Bone and a dash of Pallid Wych Flesh.


The third major colour (and there are only three, which is why this model is so quick to paint) is black, which is dead easy – Abaddon Black progressively highlighted with a variety of greys, ending in Celestial Grey.


All that is left after that are the details, and there are not a huge number of them.

The face, of course, takes a smidgen of work. The eyes are simply Averland Sunset, while the tongue is Screamer Pink, washed with Druchii Violet and then highlighted with Cadian Fleshtone. The teeth are Ushabti Bone, washed with Agrax, and then highlighted white.


Which just leaves the stuff on his back. The metalwork is standard steel and gold, whereas the eight-pointed star is Averland Sunset with a trickle of Fuegan Orange placed on top – I was going to worry about overspill on the orange but, frankly, it just helps with the glowing effect, so don’t worry about it too much!

Overall, this is a big, impressive model that will form the centrepiece for any Chaos force (not just Khorne, despite the redness!), but is also really quick and easy to do. If you, like me, lack a measureable degree of talent, the Slaughterbrute will be right up your street!


8 Responses to “Slaughterbrute”

  1. Kev Moon Says:

    Great job, one of your nicest pieces I think

  2. Kaelo Says:

    Really enjoying the blog. I think your reviews and battle reports are a particular high for me.

    I listened to you on the Heelanhammer podcast too and you were discussing making your own Warscrolls. Is there any way that you would make the blank ones available to us?

    Keep up the great work.

  3. Shawn Says:

    Im curious. My local shop still as a bunch of the older boxes, I picked this up along with the beastmen battalion box. I was wondering what size round bases you used for your brute and gors etc. always look forward to seeing your batreps on dakka! Keep up the great work.

    • altsain Says:

      For Beastmen, everything on 32mm except Ungors, which go on 25mm. However, it really is down to personal preference – whatever you think looks good!

  4. timcz Says:

    Looks awesome – what size base is he on?

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