Another Chaos Beastie

After seeing Beastmen perform a few times, I was left with the distinct impression that their shamans could use a little boost. As they stand in my force, they are mere batteries for Arcane Bolts and Mystic Shields, which is nice enough but it ignores their unique spell which summons various Chaos beasties to the battlefield.

So, I will be needing some beasties then. I did a Slaughterbrute a short while back for the ongoing campaign but I also acquired some other creatures that I am slowly making my way through in-between other projects (got a Chimera and Jabberslythe waiting in the wings).

However, this weekend I completed something a little more modest – a Cockatrice!


I used (broadly) the colour scheme on GW’s site for this one, starting off with Bugman’s Glow for the belly, wing struts and fleshy part of the face, and Tau Ochre for the furry hindquarters.


Khorne Red followed for the serpent scales with Averland Sunset for feet, tail and beak, then the whole lot was drenched in Agrax.


The featherwork uses exactly the same sequence as the scales on the Saurus Warriors I did before Christmas – Temple Guard Blue with a Coelia Greenshade wash, then drybrushed Temple Guard again and Lothern Blue.


Fairly quick to do and will make for a nice difference on the table!



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