A short while ago, I went through all the infantry for my Fyreslayer force. However, that did, of course, leave a noticeable gaps – the Heroes on Magmadroths! Well, I put my nose to the grindstone this weekend, and managed to get them both done!


The first was a Runefather, of course. You need to give the boss something big to fight from the back of.


This guy is always going to be the centre piece for any decent Fyreslayer force, so I wanted the beastie in nice, bright colours. So, paging through the (very well put together) instruction booklet, I simply went for the brightest Magmadroth they had and used the same colour scheme.


Backing him up will be the Runesmiter. I wanted a different colour scheme for this guy, so went with another suggested in the booklet. This scheme is really easy to do (not that the Runefather’s Magmadroth was particularly difficult – in fact, if you are looking for fairly easy models to do, these chaps come recommended), and serves as a polar difference. You get the feeling this one has cooled down a bit with age, but still has it where it counts.

So, what is next for the painting table? Well, at the moment, I am trying to polish off all the models needed for Balance of Power. On the plus side, there are not too many models needed. On the negative, some of them are a bit daunting. The list looks something like this:

  • Nurgle Chosen and Knights (not a problem, easy to do, in fact they are already on the painting table with their first base coat done and shaded).
  • Dragon Ogres (only going to do three or six, an eBay purchase is already on its way to me, and I may ignore the Shaggoth for now).
  • Ten more Pink Horrors (just for the Gaunt Summoner’s battalion, haven’t got hold of them yet but will be no issue).
  • Verminlord Warbringer (was hoping to avoid doing another Verminlord so soon, but this guy is going to look pretty cool).
  • The Varanguard (already started but the black is a pain to do, so I have stalled several times – really cannot put them off any longer).
  • Archaon (yeah, was hoping to do him in the future too, but he is kinda necessary…).

So, that list is not too bad. However, it is rather ignoring the single Battleplan that features Slaanesh versus Undead, neither of which I have made a start on and, as they are fighting over a major city, should probably have quite large forces.

I must be mad for even considering doing all these campaign forces…


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