Death Stalking the Land

I saw some Vargheists going cheap on eBay the other day and though I am not planning on doing a Death army quite yet, snagged them for a good price. Then, I saw some Vargheists painted up on this thread, by one DiscoKing. I was going to do the Vargheists the ‘standard’ GW colours but as soon as I saw these, I was suitably inspired and got painting this weekend!


I really cannot take any credit for these guys, and DiscoKing did them much better (more talent!), but they really are dead simple and followed a simple three-stage process – if you are looking to do some Vargheists in a variant scheme, this is a really quick one.


Starting with a lack undercoat, paint the whole model Skavenblight Dinge, and wash with Nuln Oil. Then drybrush with Skavenblight Dinge and Celestial Grey. That is the skin complete!


Next come the wings. These are Khorne Red (a little attention is needed here, working the red into the narrow points within the wing membranes, but it is not much of a hassle), followed by Nuln Oil, more Khorne Red, and a topping of Evil Sunz Scarlet. That leaves the wings done!


Finally, the hair; Dryad Bark, Agrax Earthshade, followed by a drybrush of Karak Stone. Do the claws and dot the teeth, and that is your Vargheist done, in a suitably dour vampire manner!


One Response to “Death Stalking the Land”

  1. Azazel Says:

    These guys look great! A simple scheme but very effective.

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