Rotbringer Reinforcements

M0st of my painting at the moment is centred on the prep work for the scenarios in Balance of Power, which we will be starting in a few short weeks. On the plus side, most of the work is done, with most of the models needed already completed. The minus side? What is left includes Archaon and two complete armies, Undead and Slaanesh!

Still, I yet have time on my side for those.

Anyway, the first couple of battles are set in the Realm of Life, which means some new Rotbringers will be making an appearance.


The Wardens of the Everqueen novel covers these battles and mentioned that the Rotbringers had brought along both Knights and the Chosen. So, that is what they are getting!


The Chaos Knights are nice models and look very effective. They are also quite easy to paint and still get good results (still prefer the scheme on the Tzeentch Knights, but Rotbringers will always be a bit duller).


The Chosen follow the same scheme as the Chaos Warriors and Blightkings, so everything fits together nicely. One note on these – they are Finecast and very delicate. I have already had to attach two axe heads and the standard. They will not survive a drop intact.

Other than that, though, the Finecast works well enough on these models, and was not too much of a pain to clean up before painting.


I would say I wouldn’t do any more of these, but the aforementioned Slaaneshi army requires a unit as well…

On the painting table right now and just waiting some final touch ups and basing are Dragon Ogors (also needed for the Realm of Life battles) and (finally) the Varanguard. I’ll go through the tribulations of painting those little swines up when I have some pictures!

I need to do a Verminlord Warbringer soon, but the next task is to put a real dent in the Undead army by painting up 60-odd Skeletons!



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