Prepping for Balance of Power

My painting energies at the moment are focussed on getting everything ready for the Balance of Power portion of the Realmgate Wars campaign (well, aside from getting Marines ready for the Badab War, but I’ll come onto that in due course), which basically means lots of Chaos!


The Varanguard pop up later in the book, but I have had them sitting around since they came out (last year?) and thought it was about time I got stuck in.


And what stress they turned out to be! I used the Everchosen Painting Guide to help, which gives nice enough results. What the book does not tell you is the right royal pain it is to do all that black work. You see, you start with the gold, working up the highlights so the Varanguard are nice and shiny, then do all the black panels in-between. For the first time, I broke out the Artificer brush!


This takes some time, and I had these guys sitting on my painting shelf for a few weeks, gradually doing one then another as the motivation (slowly) built up.


On the plus side, once the gold and black are done, they are a doddle. All you really have left is the mount, a bit of metal, and some cloth. All that was accomplished within a couple of hours or so, including drying time.

So, would I do more Varanguard?

Well, the new book, Godbeasts, has a battle where a total of 6 or even 9 would look good (and give some help against the 24-odd Dracothian Guard I am seriously contemplating). On the negative side… I really don’t want to do any more any time soon. So, we shall see!


Dragon Ogors also pop up in the Realm of Life portion of Balance of Power. Described as a ‘horde’ in the novel, I was not desperate to get many done, so that became three. On the other hand, contrary to the Varanguard, these chaps were easy to do, and I got them polished off over the weekend alongside the Vargheists and Varanguard.


For the dragony bits, I actually used the Stormcast Painting Guide, using the same colours as a Dracoth – I figured the Dragon Ogors would be a good trial run for the forthcoming Dracothian Guard. The colours are easy to apply and effective – I think we have found a match!


The skin is the standard Bugman’s Glow/Reikland Fleshshade/Cadian Fleshtone, though I also added a touch of Kislev Flesh around the face and ears, as they were looking a little ‘flat’.


After that, it is just a bit of metal work, weapon hafts, cloth (which used the same red colours as the Varanguard), and the odd skull.

Dragon Ogors are a little pricey (£35), though they are large and you probably get your money’s worth – they are noticeably larger than the Varanguard, for example. However, the major plus point is that they are dead quick to paint. If I see any more going cheap on eBay I will be snapping them up, as they are just the sort of unit you can do alongside other models without noticeably slowing down.

Maybe that horde will become a reality!

The next ‘priority’ model for Balance of Power is a Verminlord Warbringer, which I have picked up but not put together yet – I’ll probably do him alongside a handful of other Skaven, which I notice will be needed later for the Godbeasts book.

However, the big project for Balance of Power are two completely new armies, the Undead led by Neferata and a Slaaneshi Host, so I currently have 60 Skeletons and a Wight King sitting on my painting desk! I have already done the base coat and wash on the bones, so I am not foreseeing them taking much time at all. Howeverm, between these two forces I am looking at something like 180-odd models, so I must get cracking!


One Response to “Prepping for Balance of Power”

  1. imperialrebelork Says:

    They look great. I would usually start with the panels or lower sections first and then do the edges/rims etc. interesting.

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