The Dreadhold… Complete?

So, this week I finished off (another) Malefic Gate and (another) four wall sections. Why would I put myself through that?

Well, I can now do this…


That would be a total of 12 wall sections two Malefic Gates, two Skull Keeps and one Overlord Bastion. And I think it is safe to say, I am done with the Chaos Dreadhold – I ain’t painting any more for it!


On the plus side, this gives me everything I need for some truly awesome castle assaults, and I can pretty much configure the fortress to any shape or pattern needed (yes, I am ignoring the fortifications that use 3 or more Skull Keeps – they are dead to me…).


Not that the Dreadhold was awesomely bad to paint – I have been doing it in sections over the past few months, gradually building up to this final construction. But let’s just say I have absolutely no desire to paint anything else for it!


So, now this is done, it is about time we had a big castle assault take place and, it just so happens, I have exactly the right Battleplan for this – Fortresses of Death, where the Dreadhold becomes two castles separated by a Realmgate.

Expect the battle report soon!


6 Responses to “The Dreadhold… Complete?”

  1. Tony Kitchen Says:

    Very spectacular ! , I’d had enough just painting ONE of the Keeps ! , looks magnificent ! , Tony

  2. Akai Says:

    Looks great! If you just use one malefic gate and put in the 2-4 skull keeps as towers for the castle, how many wall sections do you think you need to make a fully encompassed castle?

  3. altsain Says:

    You ‘ll need a minimum of three per side but, other than that, however large a castle you want!

  4. Dave Dogge Says:

    It’s a little late and I dunno how or if I will get a notification for the Chaos Dread Hold but does anyone have a paint guide for this thing ? the box only comes with the paints used ! no guides anywhere

    • altsain Says:

      I used one in White Dwarf. From memory… All over coat of Balthasar,wash with Agrax (you will need a lot!), drybrush with Runefang Silver.

      Then Abaddon Black (on the black bits…), drybrush with Dark Reaper.

      Finally, the skulls – Tyrant Skull, washed with Agrax.

      That is about it!

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