Nulahmia Marches

Another week, another army or so it seems! This weekend, I started ‘proper’ work on the forces of Nulahmia, a mixture of undead who will be appearing in the Balance of Power portion of the Realmgate Wars campaign.


I figured 60 Skeletons would make for a good start, split into two units; one with swords, the other with spears.


Perhaps 90% of these were ready-built eBay purchases requiring rebasing, with a handful made from a new sprue to fill in the gaps for command and weapon options. Not a tremendous amount of work and it gives me a veritable horde to kick off with, always a good way to start a new army.

And, as it turned out, they were quick to paint as well…


I pretty much followed the painting guide for Nulahmia forces in Balance of Power, starting with a white undercoat and washing the whole thing with Seraphin Sepia. The whole model then gets drybrushed with Screaming Skull (you can alter the colour of the drybrush to aim more for sunbleached-bone or just-clawed-its-way-out-of-the-earth-bone).

The next stage is Naggaroth Night on the cloth, Leadbelcher on the metal and Rhinox Hide on the leather. Wash all of those with Nuln Oil, then do all the brass bits with Balthasar Gold, and wash that with Agrax.


Then it is just layering and drybrushing – on the Naggaroth Night, use Xerxes Purple then Genestealer Purple, Runefang Steel goes on all metal and brass bits, with Gorthor used on the leather.

Base, and then you are done – skeletons are a really quick and easy way to bulk out an undead force fast!

The slightly bigger news is that the last Skeleton I did in this force was actually the 999th model I have painted for Age of Sigmar since it was released. So, what am I doing for model number 1,000, eh? Surely it must be something quite special…


2 Responses to “Nulahmia Marches”

  1. degriggs3 Says:

    This is fantastic! I have yet to be able to grab a copy of Balance of Power but I was curious; what kind of force (units and so on) does Neferata favor in the story?

    • altsain Says:

      In the main, Skeletons and Zombies, though she also has her ‘court’ (her, a Vampire on Zombie Dragon, Morghast Archai and a Coven Throne).

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