Age of Sigmar Model #1000

Okay, I might have to come clean that I have a problem. An illness. A disease. A personal issue.

Since Age of Sigmar came out last summer, I have painted 1,000 (and counting, as it happens) models for the game. These go across multiple armies and have been used in a great many games but, when you come down to it, there are 1,000 painted models all staring at me right now, just daring me to do more.

Anyway, I became aware that this milestone of sorts was coming up, so I jiggled the painting table up a bit to make sure that a really special model would be Number One Thousand. And which model was that going to be?

Well, it is obvious, really…


Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Archaon, the Everchosen, Exalted Grand Marshal of the Apocalypse!


This truly is a model too big for my camera…

So, the two likely questions are; Is it worth the price tag of £100, and what is it like to paint?


Well, I should come clean and say I did not pay retail for this model – far from it (in fact, I got it at trade so, considering resale value, should things ever come to that, I won’t help but make a profit). However, this model is the very definition of ‘centrepiece’ (seriously, look it up in the dictionary, Archaon will be staring back at you).

In short, by size alone it will not disappoint.


As for painting, should this be a model reserved only for those masters of the paint brush we mortals can never even aspire to emulating?

Well, given my own inherent lack of talent, I would have to say no. I picked up the Everchosen Painting Guide (also includes guides on the Varanguard and Gaunt Summoner), and simply went through that step-by-step. And, I further have to say, this model is not a difficult or particularly time-consuming one either. There are lots of ‘bits’, sure, but you will fly through the skin and scales – and that really will be 80% of the model done. Then it is just a case of ‘filling in the gaps’.


Overall, I would say this model would take up a (very) lazy weekend. And, at the end of it you have a great leader (in fact, the leader) of your Chaos force.

Overall, I would recommend this model. Just don’t use it in every battle – if you save it for ‘special occasions’ it will seem all the more impressive.


So, now 1,000 models have been done for Age of Sigmar, am I now looking to hang up the paint brush for a while or, at least, switch to other projects (the forthcoming Badab War campaign, for example)?

Nope, not even a little bit!

I am actually looking forward to getting to grips with more for Age of Sigmar and, even as I type this, there are more Undead and Skaven on my painting table (including a half-finished Verminlord Warbringer who I was working on while things were drying on Archaon)!

I cannot fully predict what will be in the next 1,000 models (what will be model #2,000, eh?), but I can foresee the immediate future…

  • Archaon needs a horde to lead, above and beyond bullying Bloodbound, Rotbringers, Arcanites and the like. This will be formed from ‘unaligned’ Slaves to Darkness models, in nice black armour to match the Everchosen.
  • The Undead will be the next ‘big’ army. I have already started on the Skeletons and, right now, I have Zombies and Neferat’s Blood Court awaiting an undercoat.
  • They will be quickly followed by a decent-sized Slaaneshi Host, rounding out my four (well, five now) Chaos powers.
  • I had planned to do a Devoted To Sigmar warband before the Order Grand Alliance book came out – and I have already started collecting the necessary models.
  • Gargants. I have wanted to do a Gargant tribe ever since Age of Sigmar came out.
  • And now the Ironjawz have appeared, I have a hankering to start my own Waagh…

Anyway, must get cracking – as well as more models to paint, I have the Ironjawz Battletome to get through!


3 Responses to “Age of Sigmar Model #1000”

  1. Peachy and Danny Says:

    Awesome model to round off a great achievement!

    I’ve only recently discovered your blog, and I’ve been devouring all the past posts, especially the Age of Sigmar battle reports – a really fantastic narrative that’s opened up the world (or realms) for me. Looking forward to more.

  2. Tony Kitchen Says:

    You deserve a medal ! – very impressive output and all painted to a great standard – I salute you sir !

  3. imperialrebelork Says:

    Wow, impressive wingspan. Nice job man.

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