Big Rat Boss

Want a big, centrepiece model for your Skaven, that is also easy and quick to paint? I think I have just the rat for you, Sir.

Enter the Verminlord Warbringer!


The key to painting this model is that, being the big boss of the Clans Verminus, he is essentially the same colour scheme as the Clanrats – and Duncan did a very good ‘painting Clanrats quickly but still making them look good’ tutorial video on Warhammer TV (Youtube channel), which can be applied directly to the Verminlord.


In a nutshell, you kick off doing all the fur with Mournfang Brown, then drybrush it with Tyrant Skull (may seem weird to highlight before washing, but this really does work for all fur – I do the same thing with my Beastmen).. Then, Bugman’s Glow for the skin, Zandri Dust for horns and teeth, Khorne Red for the armour, Leadbelcher for metal, and Balthasar Gold for, well, all the other metal.


Then drown the whole lot in Agrax Earthshade. Leave to dry, and just drybrush/layer (I do a mixture of both) the highlights, each basically a lighter shade of the base colour – so, Khorne Red goes to Mephiston Red, Leadbelcher goes to Runefang Steel, etc. Except the Mournfang Brown which, of course, you highlighted earlier!

That complete, you will have a finished Verminlord – honestly, give it a go, it really is no more difficult/time-consuming than doing, say, ten Clanrats. And it looks way more impressive.

Time-efficiency Tip Number Two: When doing a model like this, see if you can slip one or two similar, but smaller, projects in alongside it. In my case, this was a Warpfire Thrower Team;


I have found that if you add another unit or two to a project like this, it really adds very little extra time (as you are doing all the colours and layers at the same time, working on one model while another dries) and you end up with more models completed!


Clan Skryre is going to be a thing in Godbeasts, so slipping in this model now saves a rush later on.

Try it, it works!


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