Another Chaos Beastie

This model has been sitting on a shelf for a couple of months now, mostly because I had no good idea on how to paint it. GW’s own Chimera is a nice purple colour scheme that suggests a magical beastie, but I had already used that (to good effect) on my Tzeentchian Manticore.

It was only after I finished Archaon and his multi-headed beast that I finally twigged that not only could I use the same colour scheme for the Chimera, but that it would be relatively quick to do (always a plus). Suitably motivated, I set to work this weekend!


This model really does just use the Everchosen Painting Guide, from the pale flesh and black scales (the wings get reversed, because of the way the scales fall on this model), to the three heads which, again, duplicate those of Arcahon’s monster.


That decided, this model probably takes longer to dry than it does to actually paint.


One thing that has been brought up on a couple of forums, and is painfully obvious with this model, is that I need to take a look at how I do bases. They are a bit bland at the moment.

Now, the trouble with that is that I have done over 1,000 models for Age of Sigmar and it will look fairly odd if I make a change now. However, I will be experimenting with some new ideas when I come to do the Mantis Warriors for the upcoming Badab War campaign…


2 Responses to “Another Chaos Beastie”

  1. imperialrebelork Says:

    Love it mate. Looks awesome

  2. davidbuchan Says:

    Suggest simply placing grass in clumps of 3 as landscape gardeners do

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