The Dead Continue to Rise

I am currently working on both Undead and Slaaneshi forces at the moment, for the forthcoming Homeground Battleplan which is on its way in the Realmgate Wars campaign (Balance of Power book). So, naturally, this weekend I finished off a few undead models that have absolutely nothing to do with that battle (really must get better organised…).


On the plus side, both the Spirit Hosts and Cairn Wraith are easy to tackle, and not exactly time-sinks.


For the Spirit Hosts, I avoided the ‘standard’ Nihilakh Oxide on white base approach, going instead for Celestial Grey and Biel-Tan Green, drybrushed with more Celestial Grey and a touch of white. This gives an effect that is a bit ‘deeper’, and is really no slower to do. You can still get through a decent number of these models qwuickly, and you will never need a huge number of Spirit Hosts on the table. Six (two box sets) should be more than enough for most battles).


The Cairn Wraith is mostly the same from the waist down, and uses an Incubi Darkness base up top, with Kabalite Green and Sybarite Green drybrushed on top – the same system being used on the four Morghasts Archai that I am currently working on (and hopefully finished this week too).

This weekend, I also re-based/built 30-odd Chaos Warriors, 10 Chosen, 30 Daemonettes and a smattering of daemonic heroes for the Slaaneshi force, and I am intending to make a proper start on them very soon. So, get ready for extreme pinkness!


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