Rise of the Blood Court

I am aiming to do the Blood Court of Neferata (a Battalion Warscroll in Balance of Power), and while the lady herself is still on my painting table, I did manage to do her bodyguards – four Morghast Archai (Morghasts Archai?).


Despite being End Times models, these guys are actually dead simple to paint. In fact, they pretty much follow exactly the same process detailed for Nulahmia Skeleton Warriors in Balance of Power.


Start with the bone – Sepia wash over a Corax White undercoat (don’t be tempted to use a cheap white spray for this, you get what you pay for in this instance), followed by Screaming Skull drybrush.


Then armour (Naggaroth/Druchii/Xerxes/Genestealer) and gold trimmings.


The only real additions (and they are quick ones) are the ‘spirits’, which use the same process as the Spirit Hosts I showcased earlier, and the tattered wing bits, which were simply Rhinox Hide drybrushed with Gorthor.

And that is it! These four guys probably took less time to do than thirty Skellies, and are way more impressive on the table!

As I say, next up is Neferata, but I also need to tackle a Vampire Lord on a Zombie Dragon and a Coven Throne, the latter of which I am not amazingly looking forward to doing – looks a tad complicated/time-consuming at a time when I really need to chug through quite a few minis…


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    […] had already done four Morghast Archai some time ago as part of Neferata’s Blood Court, and I kinda hummed and harred about doing […]

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