Battle Report – Raging Fury

Things are well underway in the Realm of Fire, but it turns out that Khorne has developed an interest in events occurring within the Realm of Life. If you ever wanted to see what Skarbrand would make of 90-odd Seraphon, now is your chance…


The Story So Far

Khorne had been watching the efforts of Nurgle to dominate the Realm of Life for some time, and now saw that the Rotrbringers were getting very close to capturing Alarielle which would grant Nurgle great power. And allowing that was not Khorne’s policy.

In response, Khorne picked up Skarbrand and hurled him into the the Realm of Life to spoil Nurgle’s plans, hopefully snuffing out Alarielle in the process. Unfortunately, an invisible protective dome shielded Alarielle and the Lady of Vines carrying her, and Skarbrand’s rage-comet bounced off to land some distance away.

Irritated, Skarbrand picked himself out of the crater and proceeded to stalk towards Alarielle.

Khorne’s plans were to suffer a further setback, however. Skarbrand’s appearance had been noted by Starmaster Xen’phantica, and the Slann roused himself to intercept Skarbrand and thus protect Alarielle from an enemy who would be all but unstoppable.


The Forces

This is certainly an interesting battle – a group of ‘lesser’ Seraphon desperately trying to halt Skarbrand, one of the most fearsome units in the entire game!

Khorne Daemons

The Khorne force has just one model in this battle but Skarbrand can do a very good impression of an entire army unto himself!

Slann Starmaster (Xen’phantica)
Eternity Warden
Saurus Guard x 15 (three units of 5)
Saurus Warriors x 70 (three units of 20, one unit of 10)

The Seraphon will be using the Eternal Starhost battalion because, well, they need it! Skarbrand is fully capable of destroying any unit that comes within reach of his two axes, and the Starhost might give him a least a little pause.

There will be a small battlefield for this fight, so there will not be much room for manoeuvre. All Skarbrand has to do is shatter the Seraphon force sent to oppose him, a feat he can achieve simply by killing 30 models. The Slann will gain victory either by killing Skarbrand (unlikely) or possibly tempting him close to a Black Portal where he can be banished by the Starmaster.



Deployment was quick and easy for both sides. Skarbrand starts in the middle, then the Seraphon pick four units and deploy one in each corner. The rest will come on as reserves, though doing so will heal Skarbrand if he is wounded.


The Seraphon also picked one of the stone pillars on the battlefield to be the Black Portal – but which one had they picked?


Battle Round One

The Seraphon were ready and waiting for Skarbrand, even as more Saurus Guard and the Slann Starmaster reinforced their positions. However, they remained very, very still, planning to react to Skarbrand’s movements rather than initiate an assault against a very, very angry Bloodthirster.


Snorting with fury, Skarbrand raced forward, closing range with a group of Saurus Warriors led by the Eternity Warden.


However, he was too far away for a charge, giving the Seraphon just a little more time to react.


Battle Round Two

The Seraphon changed position slightly, ready for Skarbrand’s next assault (the Starmaster had already written off the Saurus Warriors the Bloodthirster was racing towards), but otherwise held firm.


Skarbrand strode across the last few yards between himself and the Saurus Warriors…


…and then charged!


Utter carnage ensued. With great sweeps of his two axes, Skarbrand sent 13 Saurus Warriors back to the Celestial Realm. The remaining Seraphon managed to wound the Bloodthirster, but that just made him angrier. Attacking once more, Skarbrand dispatched the last of them.


Battle Round Three

As the Slann Starmaster threw a Mystic Shield around the Saurus Warriors closest to him, the Eternity Warden, bravely, charged Skarbrand.


The fight was fierce.. but brief. The Eternity Warden managed to score several telling blows, but Skarbrand did not care. With a howl, he smashed the life out of the Eternity Warden.

Turning round, Skarbrand selected his next target: the Slann Starmaster and the Saurus Warriors protecting him.


Battle Round Four

Skarbrand had fallen into the Starmaster’s trap, just as the Slann had foreseen – the Bloodthirster was marching straight towards the Black Portal. All the Seraphon had to do was move quickly to draw Skarbrand into the most advantageous position possible, then the Black Portal could be activated, banishing the daemon.


Unfortunately, Skarbrand was quicker. Much, much quicker.

He rushed forward and crashed into the ranks of the Saurus Warriors. Many Seraphon simply winked out of existence as the axes were swung left and right.

The back of the Seraphon force had been well and truly broken.



That was possibly the quickest game of Age of Sigmar we have had yet! Despite getting Skarbrand down to nine wounds, he remains an absolute beast and getting the initiative in the fourth round meant the Seraphon just could not react quickly enough to his movements.

We will have to hope that the Slann Starmaster retains enough of his composure to activate the Black Portal despite losing so many of his forces.


The Story Continues…

Well, Skarbrand has certainly been having his fill of fun in the Realm of Life. But how is that going to affect things in the Realm of Fire? Tune in next time to find out…


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    […] Raging Fury Meanwhile, Khorne had been eyeing Nurgle’s progress in the Realm of Life with envy, and saw his brother was close to capturing Alarielle. He could not allow Nurgle such an easy victory, and so hurled Skarbrand at the Sylvaneth. However, Alarielle had conjured an enchanted shield that caused the angry Bloodthirster to be thrown off course – straight into the the trap the Seraphon had laid for him. […]

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