Following the God of Excess

As we thunder through the Balance of Power book, we are getting very close to the point where a Slaaneshi Host lays siege to Nulahmia – which means I need to get a Slaaneshi Host together! Fortunately, I made great strides towards that this weekend…


Three units of Chaos Warriors, a unit of Chosen and an Exalted Hero make for a good start!


For these guys, I based my scheme on the Slaanesh Painting Guide released by the Black Library just before Christmas. However, that advocates the lining method for highlights, which I am just never going to do on 50-odd models. I am unlikely to do it on one. So, instead I used the same colours but drybrushed them instead.


Chaos Warriors are always fairly quick to do, even with the careful work needed for the gold designs on the shields. Everything else… well, pretty standard really.


And there was good news on the Chosen too.When I did these guys a short while ago for the Rotbringers, I had some issues with snapping axe blades as I worked on them (they are all Finecast, and were quite brittle), but these ones were just fine – no breakages at all. Perhaps they just prefer Slaanesh (and who wouldn’t, eh?).


Finally, I needed someone to lead them, and I went with an Exalted Hero, keeping the general Slaves to Darkness theme.

Next on thew painting bench will be thirty Daemonettes to really round out the host, with the Masque, a Herald and a Daemon Prince thrown in for good measure. Some Seekers and Chariots will be added after that, and then I think we will be good for Slaanesh!


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