A Secret Report From Within the Priesthood

+++ Date:  3928000/M37
+++ Ref:  Ter/77124198/AGLF
+++ By:  Under Scribe Escarriotte
+++ Re:  Esperatian Uprising
+++ Thought:  The steps of Mankind define His Will.


My Lords,

As you are aware, the information you requested pertaining to the Esperatian Uprising of M32 is, at best, fragmented.  However, for the past three years your loyal scribe has worked with unswerving diligence in researching the event and I believe I can now put together a reasonable summation of the facts.

Preacher Sammiel was known to the Ecclesiarchy before the uprising, most notably for his dedication in raising militia to defend against an alien raid, probably of Eldar origin (Ref: Esp/18948914/TJBS).  It seems that it was this force of Lay Followers that proved to be the pivotal point in the action as our forces were able to wear the raiders down in a battle of attrition.

What immediately followed the raid is less than clear, but it seems several of the militia failed to restrain the less pious side of their natures after the fighting had ceased and engaged in wanton acts of destruction.  In accordance with our laws, they were duly sentenced and executed.

We do know that Preacher Sammiel was the man who, rather belatedly, brought these men to the attention of the Adeptus Arbites but it is apparent that many in the population were angered at the judgement of these deviants who they mistakenly saw as heroes of the war they had lived through.  Rioting followed in several major cities that was put down in a most efficient manner by the Arbites.  I have located records of commendation for many Proctors who distinguished themselves in these riots by leading lone squads against the huge mobs (Ref: ESP/22741901/PEM).

For reasons unknown, Preacher Sammiel opposed the rightful suppression of this rebellious activity.  I can truthfully say that it was at this point that he broke faith in the divine Emperor, but I confess that I am at a loss to explain why.


‘Corruption, immorality, Chaos.  For millennia, nothing has changed.’

Attrib. Preacher Sammiel


Preacher Sammiel is then recorded as having engaged in a series of questionable activities.  Using his not inconsiderable powers of oration, almost the entire populace was cited to rebellion and anarchy against the lawful rule of the Imperium.  Illegal demonstrations erupted into riots and running battles with the Arbites across the entire planet as Preacher Sammiel moved from city to city, building up a cult following that was set to topple Imperial Governor Fallas.  I have been unable to uncover any documentation as to why Fallas allowed this state of affairs to continue for so long.  What is apparent is that the uprising swept aside the Arbites in a matter of days, aided by traitors highly placed within the Planetary Defence Force that gave many citizens access to sophisticated weaponry.  There are no references to in-fighting within the Planetary Defence Force itself, though I cannot imagine that even a man so twisted as Preacher Sammiel could have swayed so many once loyal men.  We have to presume that surprise was on the side of the rebellious and those true to the Emperor had little opportunity to act in true faith.


‘We know who speaks for the Imperium.  But who speaks for Mankind?  Who speaks for us?’

Attrib. Preacher Sammiel


With the Arbites effectively neutralised, the mobs descended upon the Governor’s palace.  With a large portion of the Planetary Defence Force behind them, the Governor’s own guards were annihilated and Fallas himself captured and publicly executed in plain sight of the raving people.  This done, Preacher Sammiel declared himself ruler of Esperatia.

I have recovered one document describing Preacher Sammiel’s rejection of the execution and an apparent reluctance to accept the Governorship.  However, in light of his previous actions and his obvious hunger for power, not to mention that this document was related by one of his closest advisors, I believe we can safely discount such theories.

Due to the inherent vagaries of Warp travel, we were unable to react to the rebellion for nearly six years but finally an expedition was mounted to retake Esperatia.  The 37th Daktarrian regiment, along with a full company of the Angels Vermilion, were dispatched to destroy the traitors’ hold of the planet and restore the rightful ownership to the Imperium.


‘We must resist this oppression with all our strength lest Mankind face another ten thousand years of enslavement to itself.’

Attrib. Preacher Sammiel


Upon landing on the planet, both Marine and Guard met with disorganised but heavy resistance as the populace quickly turned against them.  The Emperor’s Peace was generously given to each malcontent that took up arms against the liberators.

Preacher Sammiel seems to have attempted a muster of a more organised army and as the Imperial forces closed in on his position of power within the capitol, our casualties increased.  In a sustained battle with the rebels, the Angels Vermilion managed to smash through all defences and succeeded in capturing Preacher Sammiel within the Governor’s own palace, now a haven for the lowliest heathens of this world.

With the following execution of Preacher Sammiel, much of the resistance of the populace ceased, but Captain Tarvos of the Angels Vermilion judged the people of Esperatia to be irretrievably corrupt and justifiably ordered a permanent suppression of all suspected rebel activity.


‘For thousands of years Mankind has impoverished itself in the pursuit of war.  I am just one man in search of a better way.’

Attrib. Preacher Sammiel


Being required elsewhere, the Angels Vermilion departed (Ref: Ter/94219957/MEH) and it was left to the 37th Daktarrian to enforce Tarvos’ edict.  It took the regiment nearly two years to succeed in their righteous eradication of the population and on completion they were duly awarded the right to settle on the world, with Colonel Barria being granted the Governorship.  It took a further seven centuries for Esperatia to achieve its past level of tithes, but the entire action does lend considerable weight to this method of suppressing rebellious systems.

I remain your humble servant,


Under Scribe Escarriotte


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