Slaaneshi Daemonic Host

The Slaaneshi Host continues to increase in size – this weekend, it was all about the daemons!


With the Chaos Warriors done last week, this should see me through on infantry for a fair while (still got some Chariots and Seekers to do though).


For the colour scheme, I was originally going to go for Big Pink because, you know, Slaanesh. However, I came across a painting guide on Youtube which I used for the skin tone (Daemonette Hide, Druchii Violet, Warpfiend Grey, then Slaanesh Grey), and I got a bit taken in with the ‘monochromatic’ angle – so kept with it!


Leading the Daemonettes directly is a Herald, which is possibly my favourite model of this little bundle.


And while she has not appeared in the Realmgate Wars as yet, the Masque was an easy model to lop in to this lot as well.


I thought the ruffles around her neck was a nice touch…


Finally a Daemon Prince of Slaanesh, possibly leading the whole lot, daemons and mortals alike.


This was an eBay purchase, pre-converted, but I think it works rather well.

I now have two weeks to go before the Home Ground Battleplan from Balance of Power and, to do it justice, I need to crack on with:

Neferata (mostly done already)
Coven Throne
Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon
Exalted Seeker Chariot
Seeker Chariots x 2
Seekers x 9

Only one weekend between me and the game – what is the betting I can get them all done in time?


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