The Horror!

I have had these two models on the edge of the painting table for a month or so now, and this weekend I made the final push to get them done.


Not one, but two Hell Pit Abominations – Clan Moulder is starting to really get its act together now!


These two should really not have taken as long as they did – the painting scheme is just a scaled up version of the Clanrat on the Youtube channel, Warhammer TV. The only real change is that I took the flesh highlight up to Kislev Flesh rather than just stopping on Cadian Fleshtone, mainly because of the large surface area and the need to differentiate the grading of colour a bit more.


Why have two though? Well, we have a Battleplan coming up after the fights in Balance of Power (The Putrid Bog) that just happens to have a pair of these creatures amongst a Pestilens horde – should give the Fyreslayers something to think about!


2 Responses to “The Horror!”

  1. imperialrebelork Says:

    Very nice paint job

  2. dialhforhouston Says:

    Great paint job!

    Although, putting them side to side like that, they look a little too uniform in pose. I know the kit only gives you so many options, but tacking on some extra bitz to distinguish the two critters from each other might go a long way.

    (Then again, I’ve got scores of unpainted and unassembled Imperial Guardsmen in the basement, so what do I know 🙂 )

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