+++ Date:  2113000/M41
+++ Ref:  Dar/58734496/EKHT
+++ By:  Grand Master of Librarians Ezekiel, The Rock
+++ To:  Master Belial, 3rd Company, Battle Barge Constance
+++ Re:  Conflict Curcius
+++ Thought:  So we were the first, so shall we be the last


Master Belial,

By now you will be aware of your orders received from Primus Inquisitor Flaxis to engage the Chaos renegades of Warmaster Curcius currently besieging the feudal world of Romana Agria.  I am hereby countermanding those orders by the authority of the Inner Circle.  Intelligence has reached me of the presence of those long lost to us and immediate action is required.

I am aware that the Astartes Chapter Valiants has already been all but destroyed during this conflict and your new orders concern them directly.

As you will have been briefed, the renegade’s lightning strike upon their previous target, the Tyber system, bypassed the entire blockading fleet of Battlegroup Libertus and caught the Valiants completely unprepared as they began deployment for battle upon the planet’s surface.  The latest communication from the beleaguered Planetary Defence Force upon Tyber is that the Valiants Chapter has been annihilated.

Warmaster Curcius has been sighted on Tyber, enjoying his virtual, though brief, domination of this world whilst the main portion of his fleet engages in the Siege of Romana.  My Librarians have traced the known history of this Curcius and uncovered possible evidence of his collaboration with a number of those who no longer follow our divinely led path.  It is imperative that you launch an immediate attack upon Tyber with the intention of capturing the Warmaster for deliverance to our Interrogator-Chaplains.  Time is of the essence for we have no intelligence as to the length of time Curcius intends to stay planetside.

There is, however, a complication.  The Valiants still have a demi-company residing on their neighbouring homeworld of Chivarel, recovering from a previous campaign.  They have successfully petitioned the High Lords of Terra directly to make a journey to Tyber with the intention of engaging the Chaos forces still present and recovering their lost Chapter banner.  Presumably, this is in an effort to regain honour and maintain the integrity of their Chapter, thus gaining permission to rebuild their brotherhood from supplemental Geneseed.

You will understand that we cannot allow the remaining Valiants to gain access to Warmaster Curcius and what he knows under any circumstances.  They are currently en route to Tyber aboard their single remaining Strike Cruiser, the Righteous Honour.  We do not believe any strike craft are present.

Your new orders are two fold.  First, locate and engage the Valiants.  Whether this is in space or planet bound is unimportant, though I hardly need mention that if you can intercept the Righteous Honour in the outer reaches of the Tyber system, the Valiant’s ship will be no match for the Constance.  What is of vital importance is the complete eradication of their Chapter.  If but one Marine is permitted to survive, we run the risk of losing Warmaster Curcius to forces that have no right to his person or his knowledge.  Our most closely guarded secrets could be exposed outside of the Inner Circle, to those who may not understand the nature of our honourable actions.

Upon completion of this stage, you are to take full command of the 3rd and 4th companies, along with the elements of the Deathwing on board the Constance, engage the renegades on Tyber and take Warmaster Curcius alive.  Upon his capture, bring the prisoner directly here to the Rock, where Interrogator-Chaplain Asmodai awaits his arrival.  You are to ignore any further requests for assistance from Primus Inquisitor Flaxis, or any other agent of the Imperium, from this moment forward.  Your prime duty is to our noble Chapter.

You are required to issue this communiqué to all members of the Deathwing and Inner Circle currently on board the Constance, but no other Marine is to know of our intentions on Tyber.  Simply inform our brothers that the Warmaster holds information vital to the defence of the Imperium and that the Valiants have recently been declared Excommunicate Traitoris by Terra.  Any citizen of Tyber witnessing our actions is to be permanently silenced as per standing orders.

I await the perfect execution of these orders and the completion of this stage of our most sacred mission.  You are Dark Angel.  Nothing else is of any consequence.


Grand Master of Librarians Ezekiel, Keeper of the Book of Salvation