Neferata, Mortarch of Blood

We have a big scrap in Nulahmia coming up next week, and I am racing to get models done in time – it actually looks like we might have viable armies ready on the day!

Anyway, one of the big ones was the queen of the city herself, Neferata, and she was finished yesterday…


This is one of those models that you think will take a fair bit of work but, once you break things down, is fairly quick and easy – which is a nice change for a centrepiece model!


The Dread Abyssal itself is dead easy, the only complication being getting those skulls within the rib cage. In the end, I opted to undercoat black, start building up the highlights on the black bone, and then carefully do the skulls (Celestra Grey, Biel-Tan Green, then drybrush Celestra Grey), before finishing off the highlights on the black (Skavenblight Dinge, building up to Karak Stone).

This was the bit I was most fearing on this model but I am now a lot more confident about doing Mannfred in the near future!


After that, it is really just a case of doing the Dread Abyssal’s armour and Neferata herself.

I was going to do her skin the typical pale colour, using Rakarth as a base, washing with Fleshshade, and then highlighting with Pallid Wych. However, I thought that would look a bit too healthy and instead switched the Fleshshade for Nuln Oil – perfect, removes any real colour at all, which is just what you want on a vampire.


Then it was just the robes, I was a bit hesitant about putting purple next to red (and two shades of purple at that), but in the end it worked out quite well, which just goes to show I know nothing about colour and should always pay attention to what the painters at GW do!


Alongside Neferata, I squeezed these guys in – the Brimestone Horrors from the new Warhammer Quest. These are very much ‘low-hanging fruits’ and I figured they could be done without delaying anything else. I used the same set of washes that I did on the fire for the Fyreslayers (Cassandora Yellow, Fuegan Orange, Carroburg Crimson, and a touch of black on the tips for soot), which is quick, easy, and effective. These models really do take longer to dry than to paint!

This weekend, I am aiming to more or less finish both the Undead and Slaaneshi forces for the siege of Nulahmia, so right now I have a Zombie Dragon, Coven Throne, and a bunch of Seekers and Chariots on the painting table. Expect to see the results next week!



2 Responses to “Neferata, Mortarch of Blood”

  1. Eretz Says:

    I like very much your blog. Cool to see a big fan of AoS.
    Impatient to see the siege of Nulahmia as a servant of Slaanesh.

  2. StealthKnightSteg Says:

    great work here (trying to catch up on your blog), Really like Neffie. But I think the Brimstone Horrors could do with a bright red or an off green color for their eyes to make their face pop out a bit more

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