Managed to pretty much finish off the Slaaneshi Host this weekend (got the Lord to do this week, and I might throw in the odd Fiend I managed to score on eBay too). This time round, however, I concentrated on the fast moving stuff – the Seekers and their Chariots.


I had feared these would be a little bit more involved than the Daemonettes I did a short while back but, in the event, these turned out to be very simple and quick too, sticking to the ‘monochromatic’ scheme.


I was going to do the scales of these beasts the deeper purple and the hair/ridge black but, in hindsight, that would have created something too strong for the overall scheme. Instead, I did the scales the same colour as the skin and just drybrushed them far less heavily.


The Seeker Chariots would, I thought, be more of a challenge but once I decided that the Chariot itself would be more or less just metallic, everything fell into place quickly.


The only heartache with these models was caused by this, the Herald on Exalted Seeker Chariot. Building it was a bit or a pain, not least because I had picked it up on eBay and the previous owner had spray undercoated everything on the sprues – this makes putting it together with Liquid Poly something of a chore…

Still, the final effect is worth it!