Ready for Slaanesh/Nulahmia Rumble

Over the past two or three weeks, I have been busy painting up models for a battle coming up in the Realmgate Wars, where the forces of Slaanesh are invading the city of Nulahmia. This week, I managed to finish them, albeit at the eleventh hour!


The first model was a Coven Throne, a spectral carriage carrying three lovely Vampire ladies.


I had thought this model might be a bit of a pain to do but, in the event, it was not too bad at all. Once you have done the carriage itself (which comes down to spectres, stone base, and bone frame), you really just have the Vampires themselves left. With liberal use of Blood for the Blood God for the cauldron and the chief Vampire’s cup, this model is soon completed.


Next, I needed a Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon, and this was another model that was surprisingly quick to do.


This model is composed of three main colours (bone, black and red flesh), and once those are done, you can fly through the detailing.

With those two done, I can now do this:


A complete Battalion Warscroll, Neferata’s Blood Court. With seven fairly chunky models (the Morghasts are the smallest here!), they should be able t put up quite a fight!

The Slaaneshi Host was due for some reinforcements as well, however…


The one model I really needed for the battle was the Lord on Daemonic Mount.


This one still comes as metal from GW and, it has to be said, is a bit of a pain to put together! However, using the same scheme as the the Slaaneshi daemons (for the mount) and mortals (for the Lord), it makes for a nice transition between the two sides of the Host, and is quite easy to paint (took perhaps two hours for the whole thing, alongside other models).


I had not actually planned for any Fiends to be in the invading force, but a fortuitous find on eBay netted me six of them and, as Slaaneshi daemons really are quick to paint, I threw them in alongside the Lord.

So, that is us now ready for another battle. Next up are a couple of Tzeentch units (not least because we want to get ready for Warhammer Quest), and the forces of the Everchosen…


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