More for Warhammer Quest

The process of getting through the models from the Warhammer Quest box set continues – and yes, I am refusing to start playing until they are done!


The Knight-Questor is another of the ‘low-hanging fruits’ in the set.I was going to do this guy as a completely different Stormhost, perhaps as a tester for some variant Stormcasts I am planning for the near future. However, in the end I decided to remain true to type and added him to my growing Hallowed Knights force.


The painting of Hallowed Knights I have really got down pat, and so this was a really quick model to do.

I also did some more models for Tzeentch…


The bulk of these are more Pink Horrors for ‘proper’ Age of Sigmar games, as I found I could use a third unit of them.


However, I did manage to squeeze in this Exalted Flamer, which will be of use in both games. This is another easy/quick model to do, made all the faster by using the flame technique that White Dwarf described for the Fyreslayers earlier this year (white base, Caasandora Yellow, Fuegan Orange, Carroburg Crimson and then a touch of Abaddon Black, steadily moving out to the tips of the flames).


And, of course, the Pink and Blue Horrors from Warhammer Quest itself. A recent White Dwarf described a different way of doing these guys that looks interesting/quick/really good, but I stuck with the method I have been using for all the Tzeentch Daemons (Screamer Pink/Druchii Violet/drybrushes of lighter pinks), so they all link in with my wider Tzeentch force and can be used seamlessly with Age of Sigmar – this is the same reason I have done the bases the same way.

This weekend, I am going to have a determined crack at finishing off the rest of the Warhammer Quest models (I may leave some of the Heroes to one side for now as, with the app and my current AoS collection, I have more than enough to be getting on with), and I want to take a gander at a unit each of Plague Monks and Clan Rats to expand my Skaven forces for some upcoming campaign battles.

However, in the background, I am busy beavering away on the next two ‘big’ projects: an expansion to my Khorne Daemon force, including more Bloodletters, Flesh Hounds, a new Daemon Prince and a second Bloodthirster – and what will be pretty much an entire Extremis Chamber for the Hallowed Knights (two Star Drakes and 24 Dracothian Guard).

Should be quite a sight on the tabletop!



2 Responses to “More for Warhammer Quest”

  1. Tavendale Says:

    I don’t get White Dwarf so I did not see the tutorial, but your flames look absolutely fantastic. The black really makes them pop.

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