Warhammer Quest Complete (almost)!

I burned a little of the midnight oil last night, and finally got the models from Warhammer Quest finished so we could have a good try out this weekend. Well, mostly. I have three of the heroes from the box set still to do but I figured with my AoS collection and the app, I had more than enough heroes to be getting on with.


The baddies/denizens of the Silver Tower were the main hurdle as while I had loads of heroes already, they needed something to fight! With these models done, we can n ow start playing.


For the Gaunt Summoner, I went with the same paint scheme as the one on the disc I did a while ago, and used the Everchosen Painting Guide. The Familiars are kinda cute, and took the least amount of time out of everything.


An article in White Dwarf said the Ogroid Thaumaturge was not a particularly hard model to paint – and, using their guide, I think they were right! Despite its size, there are only a few colours used here, though I think I should have gone a bit heavier with the pale highlighting on the blue skin.


Skaven were always fun and, again, I used Warhammer TV’s painting guide for Clanrats as a basis for these models – I just swapped the red for Eshin black. Otherwise the colours used are exactly the same.


The Grot Scuttlings really could not be easier to do – black cloaks, green skin and then they are pretty much done!


For the Kairic Acolytes, I followed the guide in White Dwarf, and they turned out to be nice looking models that remain quite easy to do. On these and the Tzaangors, I used the new ‘gem’ paints for the first time (you can just see them on the red jewel hanging from the shield, and the glowing green gemstone on the belts of the models at the back). While this was only a little test, I have to say these paints are very, very easy to apply, pretty much a one step process rather than three. Going to be using these fairly often, I think…


The Tzaangors are where I began to get near my Talent Limit I think. And that is a bit worrying. These are relatively ‘basic’ models from a starter set, and yet I very much got the feeling I was not going to be able to do them justice. If Age of Sigmar models continue to get ever more detailed, I might have to start concentrating on the likes of Space Marines if I am to continue hiding my lack of artistic talent…

Still, I like the colours used on these – derived, again, from the guide in White Dwarf.


Also managed to get a few more heroes done!


I managed to pick up the Chaos Sorcerer of Tzeentch on eBay, already mounted on a round base. This was good news, as I didn’t want to get the Mighty Heroes box set (I already had the other three heroes in it), but still wanted him in our games of Warhammer Quest fairly early.

For the paint scheme, I used a mixture between the Gaunt Summoner and my Tzeentchian Chaos Warriors – aiming to make him a ‘poor man’s’ Gaunt Summoner, and thus the reason he has gone into the Silver Tower.


With the scheme I picked earlier, Fyreslayers are now dead quick to paint (once the skin, hair and metal are all done, you have basically finished!). The Doomseeker was one of the first models I finished in this little group.


Finally, the Excelsior Warpriest and his (little) Gryph-hound. The Gryph-hound really is tiny when compared to the monster that goes around with the Lord-Castellant, and you have to figure the Warpriest is going to get some Hound Envy.

It looks like we will be kicking off Warhammer Quest this weekend – I won’t be doing a full battle report as I want to, you know, concentrate on the actual playing, but I’ll take a few snaps and let you all know how we got on.

With these models done, I’ll do the last three heroes from the box set as and when, adding them to the painting table when there appears to be a gap. For now though, I’ll be working on a sizeable contingent of reinforcements for my Khorne Daemons before making a start on the new lot of Stormcasts I have to oppose them in what will be quite a large battle…


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