Pirates of Drinax – the Pirate World of Theev

When we last left our intrepid Travellers, they had just touched down on the pirate world of Theev – and, it has to be said, they were very conscious that their reputations might not be all they desired, as they had yet to do any real pirating (on the way, they had bullied a small trader into jettisoning cargo containers, but the haul had been small)!

They quickly realised that, for a price, just about anything could be purchased in the city of Blacksand, so they immediately scattered to pick up some choice bits and pieces – everything from new portable computers and breaching charges to high-powered rifles and a little medical tourism that involved subdermal armour for the Aslan bodyguard.

Finally, with Krrsh’s help, they got back on course and started asking around for Redthane’s lieutenant, Silverhand. This involved lots of cocktails with little umbrellas for the youngest Vargr (it was happy hour) and a fair amount of gambling on death matches for the rest. The captain, in particular, managed to win a substantial amount of Credits but he had, unfortunately, already been marked upon arrival – the Travellers’ ship, the Baldrick, was old but potent and a gang of thieves decided it would make for a good target. When the captain left the rest of the party, they managed to kidnap him, and tried to get him to unlock the ship so they could steal it. During this process, they discovered his winnings (which were pinched) and his comms unit (which was smashed).

Fortunately, the pilot had stayed on board the ship and (eventually) noticed what was going on outside. Between her and the captain, a rescue was affected and the thieves scattered.

However, now the captain was mad. The quest took something of a detour as he ordered the rest of the Travellers to scour the city for the thieves who had taken his winnings. The thieves realised they might very well be in trouble and so started to make plans of their own – however, one was gunned down in the middle of the street after he had tried to return home to pick up his favourite shotgun, and another was captured and put into the Baldrick’s low berths.

While the captain was focussed on finding the leader of the thieves (and his money), some of the other Travellers had started poking around for Silverhand, and eventually discovered that she was holed up in the Scrapyard, an area of derelict ships just outside the city of Blacksand.

They all reunited and started to scour the Scrapyard, eventually coming across a makeshift fortress of wrecked ships that had been welded together. The Aslan bodyguard was the first to enter, and the first to encounter Silverhand – who had realised she had intruders and intended to finish them off with a rapid-firing machinegun (a new item in the forthcoming Central Supply Catalogue). With a long corridor to defend, Silverhand managed to pin down the entire party until one, a retired Army major simply strolled out into the middle of the corridor and nailed her with one shot from his high-powered laser rifle.

The Travellers rushed to Silverhand, and started enacting first aid to save her (in order to gain information on Redthane). That did not go so well, so the party medic announced he would start performing surgery…

The trouble was, he was not a real surgeon (he had seen a few vids on medical procedures once), and the environment was filthy. It soon became clear that his surgical efforts were making the patient worse.

Frankly, it would have been a cleaner death for Silverhand if he had used a chainsaw…

Despite the death, the Travellers managed to find the information they needed on Redthane on Silverhand’s datapad – he had taken to hiding on the fourth moon of the gas giant in the Palindrome system, a place they had visited on their way to Theev. In fact, they had refuelled at the gas giant, and so had already been within a stone’s throw away from their target. Which was annoying for them.

After a last look around for the thieves, they left Theev and made for Palindrome. They tried sneaking up on the fourth moon, but Redthane was watching them approach and, as they got closer, his ship rocketed up from the surface of the moon as he tried to escape.

However, the Baldrick was extremely fast (6G thrust!), and the pirate was quickly overhauled. Redthane refused to surrender, however, and went down shooting – while the Baldrick’s particle barbette seriously outgunned the little Far Trader, Redthane managed to get a few hits in, damage that would be costly for the Travellers to fix later. The final result was inevitable though, and the Far Trader broke up in space, leaving the Travellers to sift through the wreckage to find Redthane’s body, so the bounty could be claimed.

After refuelling once more, the Travellers plotted a path back to Torpol and Clarke so they could (finally) see some real money. However, they figured they could probably do a little pirating on the way to bump the profit margins up a little…


2 Responses to “Pirates of Drinax – the Pirate World of Theev”

  1. Jared Says:

    Loving it so far, thanks for posting these. Never played Traveller but always wanted to!

  2. Belisknar Says:

    I’ve been playing in a Drinax campaign for acouple of years now. I’m looking forward to seeing all the revisions. Hearing the mention of 6G Thrust and a particle barbette on the harrier has me so hyped.

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