The Angry Hunt

This weekend was all about reinforcements for Khorne…


This was prompted by an upcoming battle involving quite a few Stormcast Extremis, pitted against Daemons of Khorne. The problem is that if you want a respectable amount of Dracothian Guard on the table, then you need a fair shed load of daemons to have any chance of facing them.

While doing daemons for that battle, however, I managed to lump in one more for a battle further down the road.


In Godbeasts, there is a battle involving four Daemon Princes and while I already have a Daemon Prince of Khorne, we have been using the model to represent an ascended Lord Khul – so, it seemed right and proper to do another Daemon Prince, especially as Lord Khul makes an appearanceĀ in Godbeasts.

Enter Samus, a Daemon Prince from the Horus Heresy range…


I have had my eye on this model for a while, specifically as a variant Daemon Prince for Age of Sigmar and, when I had the chance to pick him up fairly cheaply, I snagged him (also the Horus Heresy Nurgle Daemon Prince, which I am planning to have in the same battle).

Samus is quite large, so I may have to look at adjusting his Wounds during the fight, but he looks every inch the part of an angry leader of Khornate Daemons!


Painting-wise, I chose to use the same scheme as the Bloodletters and Bloodthirster (as shown by Duncan on Warhammer TV), so he was a doddle.


In the forthcoming battle, retinues of Bloodletters need to stall the Dracothian Guard’s advance, so I added two more units (bringing the total up to 50 – not quite enough to make a proper showing against the Extremis, but enough to build upon with other forces).


I also polished off a Herald on Juggernaut to lead them.


Finally, some models I have been meaning to do ever since Age of Sigmar came out – Flesh Hounds! I was going to wait until plastics were done for these daemons but that does not seem to be forthcoming, so I took the plunge (also acquired these at a good price, making the decision easier).


And if I was doing Flesh Hounds anyway, it made sense to paint up the Karanak that I had acquired on eBay, even though he will not be present in the battle (lumping in very similar models into painting ‘batches’ in this way really speeds things up – or, at least, means you get more done for very little extra effort).

For this Khorne force I need to add another Bloodthirster (going to finally go for the one with the whopping big axe) but, before that, I want to crack through the Dracothian Guard. I have put three quarters of them together (going to be going for a total of 24, arranged into the two echelons, with three riders per unit), and will be making a start on the first 12 very soon – before that though, I want to take a little diversion with Skaven, adding another unit of Clanrats and Plague Monks for some upcoming battles, along with a couple of new Heroes.


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