Delving into the Silver Tower

So, we had our first games of the new Warhammer Quest this weekend!


I hadn’t finished all the characters in the box set (just a couple to go), but we had more than enough from my Age of Sigmar collection to be getting along with. I picked the Knight-Questor, while Andy wanted to try out the Excelsior Priest and his Gryph-hound. James was particularly brave and went with the Knight-Venator – long-term readers of this blog will know how useless the Venator has been in Age of Sigmar, and so we wanted to see if maybe he preferred flying down tunnels (short answer: no, not really).

We gave the first trial a bash, and managed to get through it in less than an hour, carving apart Acolytes and Horrors as we went. Suitably empowered by a fragment of the Gaunt Summoner’s amulet, we felt confident enough to up our game and went for one of the difficult trials – the Trial of Ghur.


Things went well… initially. There was a bit of plonking around as we generally made life difficult for one another (one person exploring a new area before finishing the monsters in another), and the Tzaangors made their first appearance – they proved a bit tougher than the average denizen of the tower, I can tell you. However, even when the Ogroid turned up, we dealt with it before it could get a lick in.


Then we got to the final chamber, and things went sideways.

James flew his Knight-Venator into the chamber and then activated a magic item that meant he was effectively invisible to the monsters. I had been running to catch up to the others and so had not quite got to the chamber leaving, as you can see in the photo above, the Excelsior Priest and his Gryph-hound to be the only ones in full view of the monsters.

They came forward like a steamroller, and flattened both hound and priest in a single turn, leaving me (the Knight-Questor) more or less surrounded by Acolytes while the Horrors went after the Knight-Venator, who was now revealed.

I was very confident, with my Guard Stance active – but a series of 1s and 2s left the Knight-Questor on the floor too.

So, it was down to the Knight-Venator to save the day – which, of course, was never going to happen. A barrage of attacks from the Horrors blew him apart.

We failed in just our second quest!

We’ll be having another bash of Warhammer Quest very soon, perhaps going with a ‘themed’ group (all Stormcast, all Fyreslayer or all Khorne seem to be the popular choices).

I’ll let you know how we get on…


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