Quad Khorne Killers

Meant to finish these last weekend, but watching the results of the referendum last night gave me a chance to polish them off.


The result: the three new recently released Bloodbound heroes were finished, along with the chieftain from Warhammer Quest (giving us another new character to try out!).


The Slaughterpriest is probably my favourite in terms of sculpting. For all these models I went with the same paint scheme as the rest of my Bloodbound, derived from the guide in the Age of Sigmar starter set.


Coincidentally (or not, perhaps someone at GW intended this), this now gives me a total of eight lackeys for the Bloodbound, meaning I now have a full set of Gorechosen.


The new Aspiring Deathbringer is probably my favourite in terms of pose, and the texture on his helmet came up really nicely.


And finally, the Drakoath Chieftain. He will probably get more use in Warhammer Quest than on the battlefield, but I am guessing the Silver Tower models will make the odd appearance in the next campaign book or two, so at least I am ready.

I also managed to get quite a bit done on a bunch of Plague Monk and Clanrat reinforcements, which will mean my Skaven forces can take part in some larger, more convincing battles. Should be able to polish them off this weekend, and then it will be all about the Dracothian Guard!


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