Ratty Reinforcements

Just gearing up to paint up an entire Extremis Chamber, but took some time out to sort some more rats out. Nothing too spectacular but having more basic Skaven means the armies they face can have more variation.


I ended up doing another unit of Clanrats, along with some Plague Monks – the majority of these were actually painted as I watched the Brexit results come in live!


I already have a Clans Verminus Warlord, but I managed to get this little chap cheap, and it is always good to have a variant representing different personalities in a campaign.


The new Warlock Engineer is a bit more necessary as the Clans Skryre are going to be a thing (quite a big thing) in the Godbeasts battles.But more on that at a later date.

On my painting table at the moment is a new Chaos beastie that I was not going to bother with for a while, but once I figured out how quick/easy it was going to be to paint, I dived in. I also have some Craftworld Eldar I wanted to add for an upcoming game of 40k.

However, the next big project, hopefully starting a little later this week, is the beginning of the Extremis Chamber, kicking off with 12 (12!) Dracothian Guard. Over the next 2 or 3 weeks, I will be adding another dozen Dracothian Guard to that, along with two Stardrakes. The Khorne forces I did recently will be opposing them, along with a brand new Bloodthirster that I put together on Friday evening.

This is going to end up in a very big battle…


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