Battle Report – Ambush at the Cursed Temple

We are still exploring the lesser clashes within the Mortal Realms, and this time we are taking our first steps in the the Celestial Realm, where a force of Slaaneshi seekers are looking for their missing god…


The Story So Far

The forces of Slaanesh have been scouring the Mortal Realms in a desperate bid to find their lost god (well, those Slaaneshi followers who have not declared themselves to be Slaanesh or are simply having too much fun to care about any wider issue). For one Herald, Clepsyrian, this has led to an exploration of the Celestial Realm and the many ruined temples within it.

Within the Temple of the Dead Gods was said to be hidden the husk of the Dracothic Prophet and, perhaps, the secret to the disappearance of Slaanesh.

However, the Herald’s entry into the Celestial Realm had been noted and Slann Starmaster Kuoteq was waiting for her…


The Forces

This is a ‘modest’ fight without too many units on each side – but we have still managed to squeeze in some of the fun stuff!

Slaaneshi Host
Herald of Slaanesh on Exalted Seeker Chariot (Clepsyrian)
Herald of Slaanesh
Daemonettes x 30 (three units of 10)
Seekers of Slaanesh x 9
Seeker Chariots x 2
Fiends of Slaanesh x 3

The main weapon of these Slaaneshi daemons will be mobility, hopefully keeping the Seraphon off balance. However, they must keep in mind that while the Seraphon are capable of summoning replacements for any losses, the daemons here cannot.

Slann Starmaster (Kuoteq)
Oldblood on Carnosaur
Saurus Guard x 10
Saurus Knights x 5
Terradons x 3
Skinks x 10

The Seraphon have an even smaller force, though they do have a couple of things in their favour, not least the home ground advantages granted by the Battleplan. First off, the elephant (or dinosaur) in the room is the Oldblood on a Carnosaur – that is thirty feet of chomping awesomeness that the Herald is going to have to find an answer to. Second, while outnumbered, the Starmaster is more than capable of replacing any units the daemons might destroy.

The Seraphon have well and truly ambushed the Slaaneshi daemons. However, the latter simply need to get their Herald close to the Dragonfate Dais, find the artefact there (this is not easy), and then get out of the temple. They have the speed to do it, but the question remains whether they will be able to do all of this before the Seraphon wear them down…



Skinks and Terradon Riders slinked through the shadows as the Slaaneshi Host entered the temple, chariots trundling behind waves of Daemonettes.


Upon the Dragonfate Dais, the Slann Starmaster watched his Saurus Guard and Oldblood arrange themselves defensively, and found the Constellation of the Drake to be an agreeable omen of the battle to come.


Battle Round One

With a shrill cry, the Herald of Slaanesh urged her girls forward, their lightning fast speed catching the Seraphon off guard. Within seconds, they were just yards from the Dragonfate Dais.


Their forms a blur, a large group of Seekers swept round the flank and crashed straight into the side of the Oldblood’s Carnosaur. However, despite wounding the beast slightly, the Oldblood speared one Seeker while the Carnosaur swallowed six more, leaving the Slaaneshi riders a ruin.


At the dais itself, the shields of the Saurus Guard held firm against the impact of charging Daemonettes and Fiends.


Watching the battle unfold, the Slann Starmaster hurled an Arcane Bolt at a Seeker while flooding the ruined temple with Light of the Heavens, bolstering the Seraphon while sapping the will of the Daemonettes.

A Seeker Chariot had diverted from the main rush towards the dais and started heading towards the Terradon Riders as they detached themselves from one of the high walls. Diving downwards, they released heavy rocks that smashed the chariot to splinters.


At the bidding of the Slann Starmaster, a retinue of Saurus Knights emerged from the shadows and started to canter towards the growing battle, even as the Oldblood used his Sunbolt Gauntlet to blast apart the last of the Seekers.


Fighting at the Dragonfate Dais increased in intensity, with the Saurus Guard hammering the Daemonettes, killing six and forcing the survivors to flee. They were still facing the Fiends, however, and the second wave of the Slaaneshi Host was about to reach them.


Battle Round Two

Using their incredible speed to maximum effect, the rest of the Slaaneshi Host engaged, the Herald on her Exalted Seeker Chariot sweeping right around the dais to strike directly at the Slann Starmaster.


More Daemonettes charged the Saurus Guard but those confronting the Oldblood on his Carnosaur checked their advance, leery of the carnage the creature had visited upon the Seekers.


Three Saurus Guard fell to repeated waves of Daemonettes, Fiends and a Seeker Chariot, all led by another Herald, but the Slaaneshi force paid heavily for the assault, with eight Daemonettes being cut apart and the rest fleeing from the robust defence the Saurus Guard had created.


The Slann Starmaster had thought himself safe behind a wall of Saurus GUard, but a flailing whip from the Herald and tongues from her Seekers caused a shallow wound that reminded him he was now the focus of the battle.


With a wave of his hand, the Starmaster brought the Light of the Heavens into the temple once more, than granted the close by Seraphon a Gift of the Heavens. Uplifted by this celestial power, the Oldblood’s Carnosaur took to the air, breaking free of the cage the Daemonettes had sought to delay him within. Following a shallow curve, the mighty lizard flew over their heads and smashed down to the ground in between the Herald and Seeker Chariot.


Both Skinks and Terradon Riders attacked the Slaaneshi Host with javelins and blowpipes, but their effect was barely noticed now the Heralds were close to their objective.


However, the Oldblood was now in position to break the Slaaneshi assault. As the Carnosaur broke the Seeker Chariot apart and swallowed the Alluress upon it, the Oldblood thrust forward with his spear and skewered the Herald. Just a little further away, the Saurus Knights charged and smashed the last few Daemonettes, the last survivor fleeing into the shadows to escape the Cold Ones.


Battle Round Three

The spirits still inhabiting the temple grew angry at the careless carnage that was erupting within their holy space, and brought the ceiling down upon the battlefield. The Saurus Guard were struck by large chunks of falling masonry, grinding them into the hard marble floor. Only one emerged from the rubble when the dust had settled.

Atop the Dragonfate Dais, the Slann Starmaster threw a Mystic Shield around the last Saurus Guard and hurled an Arcane Bolt at the Exalted Herald, but a Fiend rose up at the last moment to take the blast in place of its mistress.

Then, as the Terradons fled from their fight with the Exalted Herald, the Oldblood charged in…


The last of the Fiends laid down their lives as the Carnosaur rampaged forwards, buying the Exalted Herald more time.


With a piercing shriek, the Exalted Herald rejoiced as she discovered the treasured artefact that might lead her directly to her lost lord, Slaanesh.


Then she was plucked off her chariot and eaten by the Carnosaur.



That was a nice, compact little game! It did not take too long (about an hour and half, including set up time) and the forces were not massive. The Seraphon managed to survive the battle more or less intact, though the Saurus Guard took the brunt of the attacks.

It has to be said, luck played a role on both sides – good for the Seraphon (getting the Constellation of the Drake at the start, and the Terradons managing to smash a Seeker Chariot with their rocks alone, for example), and bad for the Slaaneshi Host (their attacks really should have done more damage, and they ended up taking too long to get through the Saurus Guard).

However, it has to be said, if the Exalted Herald had survived that last round of combat with the Carnosaur and if the Slaaneshi Host had grabbed the first turn of round four, a major victory would have been theirs. The Exalted Herald had to hang around to load the artefact on board her chariot but, once that was done, she could have simply fled from battle and there was no way the Seraphon would have caught up to her before she disappeared into the shadows.

As it turned out though, a minor victory to the Seraphon.


The Story Continues…

We are still gearing up for the Godbeasts part of the campaign so, for the next few weeks, we will keep on exploring the Mortal Realms and seeing what else is going on. At the moment, I am not too sure what that will be! We may visit the Realm of Life to see if the Fyreslayers can oust Clan Pestilens from the local area or perhaps a Verminlord Corruptor will lead his children into the Realm of Fire to locate a vital ingredient for one of the thirteen Great Plagues.

However, we also have a mind to play through the Ladder Campaign (Clash of Wills) in the General’s Handbook using Matched Play rules.

We’ll just have to see how the mood takes us!


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