Mutalith Vortex Beast

I have my head firmly in the Extremis Chamber at the moment, but managed to do a little ‘side’ project – the Mutalith Vortex Beast!


This chap isn’t needed for the campaign (yet) but he popped up cheap on eBay so I snagged him, figuring he was bound to appear sooner or later. I was just going to leave him to one side and ‘get round to it at some point’ but the model was already built and undercoated, so I grabbed the Warriors of Chaos Painting Guide to see how difficult it would be – and it looked really quick and easy (there are only three main areas to paint – skin, tentacles and vortex-thingy).


So, I started painting.

This model pretty much follows the painting guide, and is super-fast to do. The only place I really deviated was with the goop dripping from the tentacles, for which I used Nurgle’s Rot.


I then put ‘Ard Coat on the tentacles to make them more gribbly – seems to work well!

Anyway, back to the Dracothian Guard (about halfway done on the first Echelon), though I also have a Farseer and Bloodthirster currently on the trot as more ‘side’ projects…


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