The Lightning Echelon

Took a few days longer than intended, but the heralds of the Extremis Chamber have finally arrived – the Lightning Echelon!


Each Echelon has two units of two types of the Dracothian Guard, in the case of the Lightning Echelon, the Fulminators and Tempestors (spear guys and crossbow guys). However, I did wobble a bit on how many to have in each unit – there is a minimum of one rider in each unit, but I thought that would be rather sad for an entire Echelon, and while there are two riders in each box, two per unit did not seem much better. So, I went for three, which also nicely matches the Varanguard.


These guys are fairly simple to paint, following the normal method of doing the Hallowed Knights, with just a Dracoth added (I used the Stormcast Painting Guide for the Dracoths this time – basically a Kabalite Green base, washed with Coelia Greenshade, then drybrushed Kabalite and Hellion Green). After that, there are very few details to be added (the odd leather strap and the teeth/horns of the Dracoth.


The next step is to do the Thunder Echelon, the same number of Dracothian Guard but comprising Concussors and Desolators.


The only potential ‘problem’ with this little army is that, with the two Stardrakes I am currently putting together, they total something close to 4,500 points – that is a very, very potent force and I do not have a great deal to match it!

However, Khorne has responded with some reinforcements to his armies in the Mortal Realms, and I’ll cover that in another post very soon…


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