Insensate Rage

I painted up my first Bloodthirster last year, following Warhammer TV’s step-by-step guide, and it turned out okay (I thought). I went for the Unfettered Fury version, as everyone else seems to go for the big axe dude and, at the end of the day, it is still a lethal Bloodthirster.

However, due to the Extremis Chamber being unleashed by Sigmar, Khorne needed something suitable to respond – enter the Bloodthirster of Insensate Rage.


The big axe has arrived!


A couple of points that have become evident in doing this model.

  1. The last Bloodthirster was a Big Job, carefully following Duncan’s guide all the way, This one was… easy. Quick. After doing so many Khorne Daemons between then and now, I fair ripped through this model and would not blink at doing a third (technically, I have already done a third with Skarbrand, but you take my point.
  2. I have now officially run out of room in the cabinet I set aside for Khorne forces in general. Hoping GW do not release anything new for Khorne for some time now…

This Bloodthirster will be appearing in a battle soon where the Exteremis Chamber make their first appearance though, it has to be said that despite the power of two Bloodthirsters on the table at the same time, I am not convinced it is a fight Khorne can win..,.


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